Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tea Ban in Manchester

Mums visiting a council-run nursery in Manchester have been told that they cannot
have a cuppa due to Health and Safety fears.
Alexandra Park Community Centre will continue to serve juice and water but will not make hot drinks in case children are scalded. In reality, the Labour-run Manchester City Council are worried about being sued.
For goodness sake, the nanny state seems to move ever closer to running every aspect of our lives, taking away all decisions that we might make for ourselves. Will there be nurseries across the City with mothers huddled up outside with flasks, in much the same way as we see smokers outside pubs?
A council spokesman said: “Like all other children’s centres across the city, it is considered good practice not to have hot drinks in areas where children are playing in terms of health and safety and the potential for accidents. Parents are very welcome to make a hot drink in kitchen areas as long as they drink it either in the kitchen or in another appropriate designated area away from the children in order to eliminate any risk to children or indeed other adults.” I'm glad that cleared that up then. As a parent of two, I'm not sure that I needed a jobsworth being paid by the taxpayer to tell me that I shouldn't spill tea on my children. Full story on the Daily Express website here.
Have you seen any political correctness closer to home? Let me know in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

wasnt there some examples in a Labour London Council trying to call Christmas 'Winterval' or something, & another council removing pictures of pigs because they might offend Muslims?

lisa said...

I read that in the Express too. It's bloody ridiculous. But to be honest I was not very surprised because you hear about this sort of thing all the time.

If you want an example Councillor Scully, my sister lives in the London Borough of Tower Hamletts and they had the huge uproar by banning traditional Bonfire Night and replacing it with some Bengali folktale rubbish last year. If I remember it was on the news and in all the big newspapers. I think even that A grade pr**k George Galloway was up in arms about it.