Sunday, September 23, 2007

Part of the Union

An excellent video, highlighting a ridiculous imbalanced embodied by a Scottish Prime Minister who cannot affect Healthcare or Education in his own constituency but deigns to tell us what we can have. I fear that the English Parliament that the campaign calls for will be an extra layer of bureaucracy, but we must have at the very least a situation when English laws are voted on by English MPs.


Anonymous said...

Powerful stuff.

Anonymous said...

Stuart Courtney. Are you Cllr Eric Howell by any chance?

Unknown said...

Edmund Wallcarpets

Er, no. Eric has been in Italy for the last few days. He's keen, but not that keen. Are you Cllr David Pickles by any chance?

Anonymous said...

Mr Scully. You appear to be rather paranoid about some of your posters. I'm new here but you are associating "Holly", "Fester", "Edmund" and "Wallcarpets" under an alias. Because Cllr Howell is in Italy, does it stop him posting here? Are you not in Blackpool cosying up to Cameron and still posting?

Are some people getting to you?