Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Strictly Come Politics

What did Eric and I do over the weekend? Soak an ex-LibDem councillor and discover that we won't be expecting a 10 from Bruno Tonioli and the other judges. Still it was great fun and it was rewarding to meet a good few residents that spent a Saturday morning supporting a local initiative to benefit Carshalton.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes - it looked really packed out with people and very interesting. Is this what we pay our local politicans to do?

Anonymous said...

I was in attendance and its actually nice to see that our local politicians are willing to get out and talk to people. This is definitely a change from what we're used to. We never saw the previous lot. Not even once.

Unknown said...

Edmund, even if the Notting Hill Carnival had been around in Henry III's time, I don't suppose he gave the Charter to rival such an event. It is merely an opportunity for a community to reaffirm their ties that bind.

You don't necessarily pay politicians to go to local fairs (except the Mayor), but every now and again I spend a little time in the real world outside the Civic Offices.

Anonymous said...

Obviously 'Edmund' would rather local representatives not bother to attend events designed to raise money for charity.

I, for one, am glad some community spirit is endorsed by Paul and Eric Howell and the others.