Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Boycott Bob Crow

The Tube strike has inconvenienced thousands of people, cost an estimated £50m per day and for what? After the collapse of Metronet, London Underground assured ex-employees that their jobs and pensions would be Bob Crow, General Secretary of the RMT takes them out on strike in order to get assurances that their salaries and pensions would be secure. This strike has been called off without gaining any extra concessions. The RMT are yet to decide whether to go ahead with another strike starting on Monday.

LBC presenter, James O'Brien has used the power of the new media to get his own back for the hassle. He has set up a group on Facebook called "Boycott Bob Crow" where 236 people have pledged not to serve Bob Crow in response to his refusal to serve them after they have paid their fare. Woe betide Bob if he wants a curry in Southall or a haircut in Tooting.

Well, small acorns and all. Two local businesses deserve mention; Clive from Aldridge Printing in Sutton refuses to do Bob's printing and Gus from Labels Direct in Carshalton will simply not supply labels or till rolls. No, I don't know how Bob is going to survive either. Maybe if Mayor Livingstone hadn't offered Crow some legitimacy in the past by making him a Board Member of TfL, he wouldn't be such a thorn in the side of ordinary Londoners now.


Anonymous said...

Unless Bob has recently re-read Germinal, it is slightly worrying that he, apparently, has no faith in the assurances of London Underground

Anonymous said...

Spot on Paul. It really winds my wife and I up (we both use the tube daily)when 'professional socialists' like Bob Crow stir up trouble which effects the whole of the capital through naked self interest.

Only with the cushion of being a public sector employee can he get away with this kind of stuff.

As far as we know tube drivers get an above £32,000 salary which is way above that of the ordinary Londoner who they have by the balls via this strike!

These commies don't care about ordinary people. All they care about is themselves.

Anonymous said...

Agree 100% guys

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised that a socialist dinosaur like Crow is upsetting the lives and struggles of normal working people for narrow self interest yet again?

Boycott him and everything he stands for!

Anonymous said...

Begs the question: how much does Bob Crow and his union cronies earn a year?? I remember Andy Gilchrist in the fire bridgade union who was on a massive pay.
judging by his pic he's had too many curries in Southall and obviously doesn't need too many snips in Tooting Not that he can't afford it!!!