Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vote For Boris To Help A Sutton Park

Boris is putting up money to allow ten London Parks to benefit from a major makeover. Out of the forty-seven parks under consideration, one is situated in the Borough of Sutton.

The "Help A London Park" website has more, saying:
The open spaces along the River Wandle in St Helier form part of a grand vision to link up green spaces along this valley into the Wandle Valley Regional Park. A grant would help to get this moving by:
  • clearing litter;
  • more site wardens to improve maintenance;
  • new signage;
  • lighting at key access points;
  • hedgerow planting;
  • woodland management at Rosehill and Poulter Parks.

You can watch Boris launch the initiative on his website. Please then spare a few seconds to bring a little more happiness to residents in the north of the Borough, improve our parks and green spaces and elicit a little more from the precept that we all pay to City Hall by voting here.


Anonymous said...

How about spending some time watching Boris giving amnesties to thousands of illegal immigrants? Surely that's more important than poncing about trying to appear green.

Anonymous said...

Voted. They couldn;t throw in a few more Totem Poles?

Unknown said...

THanks David T.

David P. It would be more important if Boris had the power to offer an amnesty. I don't agree with him, neither does David Cameron. Since Boris is neither Home Secretary nor even in the governing party nationally, I would rather concentrate on what he can do. If that can bring a few bob back to Sutton, then I hope that you will too. Especially as the Park covers St Helier as well.

The Brinkster said...