Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Danger!, Flat Object May Cause Trips

The Telegraph reports that Gosport District Council has banned doormats from some of their properties on the grounds that people might trip on them, especially in an emergency.

Residents have been threatened with legal action and eviction if they are not removed.

Residents have been quick to point out the obvious charge that surely the LibDem run council has more important things to do. The Council says that the risks are more acute because the corridors are too narrow. Is it helpful to threaten residents with eviction as an indirect consequence of the poor standard of housing in this area?

The LibDem parliamentary candidate for Gosport at the last General Election was Sutton Councillor, Roger Roberts. Maybe the two Local Authorities could exchange notes on superfluous bans.


Anonymous said...

What prat thinks these things up!

Evicted for having a doormat, maybe we could ban people from having too much butter on their toast? Or, no one is allowed to play Cliff Richard songs? I'd vote for that one!

Anonymous said...

Typical Tory! If you're going to stop me putting butter on my toast while listening to Cliff Richard, don't expect to get my vote next time.

Unknown said...


David is an ex-LibDem Independent Councillor. I wouldn't dream of banning you clogging your arteries and ears.

Anonymous said...

I unconditionally withdraw any ban on excessive use of dairy produce and suggest the Sir Cliff issue goes to consultation!