Thursday, May 07, 2009

Media Coverage of the Controversial £8.5million Sutton Life Centre

ITV London came to Sutton on Wednesday to cover the story of the Sutton Life Centre. Moving swiftly on from my jauntily-angled hard hat, the parents at Brookfield School said it all, when they pointed out that if the Council are going to lavish money on safety, they would rather have a lollipop lady.

Conservative Home have published an article that I wrote, which you can read here. The Evening Standard and the Metro have also covered the pet project which is costing the equivalent of 10% of all of the Council Tax raised in a year in Sutton.


Tisiphone said...

Oh great, so now the whole of London knows that Sutton is the most stupid borough in the country. How embarrassing.

Martin Cullip said...

It may have reached TV news and other major news outlets, but not a sniff in the Sutton Guardian. They didn't print my letter to them this week, either (I live off SCR).

I'd forward it to you if your e-mail was on here Scully.

Unknown said...


Thanks for this. I'd love to see the letter. I don't put my email up to avoid email harvesting for spam, but it is
(changing the * to an @)

nick said...

this is outrageous and i am glad you're fighitng this.

why do we need to spend this kind of money on this kind of rubbish?

Julia Kennard said...

In response to Martin Cullip, this issue has been covered by the Sutton Guardian from the very beginning, before everyone else:

Also see: