Friday, May 22, 2009

Eric Secures Sutton's Support for Reservists

Until Cllr. Eric Howell intervened, Sutton Council was one of a small number of London boroughs which did not officially support employees who may want to serve in the Territorial Army as Reservists.

Eric Howell got in touch with Sutton Council's Chief Executive to get Sutton signed up to the SaBRE (Supporting Britain's Reservists & Employers) campaign as a 'supportive employer'. Only 9 out of the 32 London boroughs have failed to support SaBRE's aims. Sutton was one of them.

My colleague Eric is an ex-serviceman who fought in the Suez Crisis. He was disappointed to discover that SaBRE had written to the Liberal Democrat Leader of Sutton Council asking for support, but did not receive a response.

Eric, along with fellow councillor Cliff Carter, came into contact with SaBRE last month when they went to support Sutton's very own reservist unit at the General Officer Commanding (GOC) Trophy Challenge - a new military skills competition. Sutton's TA Unit, the 210 Transport Squadron of the Royal Logistical Corps, is based in Stonecot Hill.

Commenting Eric said: "There was a motion at the last Council Meeting referring to the Armed Forces but it neglected to mention Sutton's home-grown TA Unit, the 210 Transport Squadron. Along with several colleagues I witnessed their highly impressive skills first hand at the GOC competition last month. Sutton should be immensely proud of their achievements.

"As the borough's largest employer it's about time Sutton Council got its act together to officially sign up to the SaBRE campaign. Over 70% of other London Councils endorse this campaign to give support to our brave Reservists - why isn't Sutton one of them?"


scotty nugent said...

Well done Eric Howell.
Its good to know we have a council member who has served in the forces and some one who is fighting to make sure volunteer soldiers are given the support and respect that is deserved.
Also well done to our TA soldiers in Sutton for their fine work. they make us proud.

Anonymous said...

The Party are a joke, You just get your lapdogs on here saying everything is great.

What a joke!

Anonymous said...

That is a blinkered view by someone with little care for the best local man for the job, merely the best liberal. I suggest you take a step back and acknowledge what Mr. Howell has done for the community during his career and now, as a councillor, after.
It is great that people like Eric wish to help the public and it is the electorate who decide whether he does a good job, not a fool with only party politics on his mind and a petty grudge to drive him.