Monday, November 27, 2006

The Long Wet March for better healthcare

Ok. Not so long but quite definitely wet. A few hundred residents of the Borough joined together to brave the elements and campaign to end the cuts in the NHS and St Helier in particular. A new first for me is the video blog so have a look and see what you think of my Scorsese amateur production.


Local Lady said...

Your video is great - well done!

Anonymous said...

More videos like this! With the local press in the pockets of the LibDem council, it's a great way of publicising our councillors and ideas (though maybe less of Peter G in case it scares the voters!)
PS Great to meet you on Saturday!

Lizzie said...

Paul. Good blog - glad of the chance to catch up on local goings on, even though I'm not there. That was a good video, just about the right length. Shame I couldn't be there, as it looked a really positive march!

Hope all's well. I'm not so good, but just about keeping up with studies. Just created a blog - So, take a quick look when you can.