Monday, April 28, 2008

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I bumped into the chairman of Carshalton Athletic FC yesterday who gave me some very welcome news. The club will be submitting a planning application to replace the floodlights at the War Memorial ground in Colston Avenue this week.

Residents have complained about the old lights for a number of years as they shine into their bedrooms, especially in the winter when the trees are bare. The new lights should reduce this problem considerably as well as reducing energy costs and providing more effective lighting for the club. Sounds like everyone might be a winner.

Carshalton also avoided relegation this week so congratulations all round.


Anonymous said...

There was a similar case to this at Goals in North Cheam. I must admit, I'm not sure what the outcome of that was. I would be interested to know what happend at Goals as I know the Conservatives were working on it.

Anonymous said...

Well done the Robins! It would have been a bad "double" for the borough with SUFC taking the plunge down to yet another division.

Personally, as a Councillor, I dont believe LBS does enough to support our sports, towns and cities are defined by their footie teams to millions and millions, I bet most people, when the word Liverpool is mentioned, their first thought is of the Red shirts at Anfield. These clubs engender community spirit and pride yet all I see is a plethora of young boys in Chelsea shirts walking around Carshalton!

I get down to Colston when Palace are out of town and have a great time. We should all get down there and support them.