Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Marxism Never Tasted So Good

The LibDems like to think of themselves as a nice bunch of people with all other politicians demonised as negative and destructive. They appear mortally wounded when attacked even on their political record. Yet they so often fail to play by the same rules. Their research, however, is usually better than a placed letter in last week's Sutton Guardian. Over to Philippa Stroud with her response to accusations that she relied on BUPA membership whilst campaigning about the NHS.

Dear Mr Editor,
Last week a Rod Vincent from Wordsworth Drive, Cheam amusingly alleged in your paper that I had private medical care membership of BUPA. He then - rather rashly - promised "...that the day I see her queue for medical attention at St Helier Hospital I will eat my copy of Das Kapital."
My husband and I have always used the NHS and our three children were born in NHS hospitals. In fact, my son has recently had his appendix out - at St Helier hospital, I have recently been an outpatient at Sutton Hospital and our GP surgery is in Mulgrave Road.
I have bought Mr Vincent a bottle of ketchup to help him fulfill his culinary promise - namely eating his copy of Das Kapital. Could I deliver this to the offices of the Sutton Guardian for Mr Vincent to pick up at his leisure?
May I suggest that Mr Vincent sign up to the Conservative NH Yes campaign on
www.conservatives.com .
Kind regards
Philippa Stroud
Conservative Parliamentary Candidate
Sutton and Cheam

The silver platter may be a little too bourgeoise for Mr Vincent's taste but I'm sure a range of condiments could be rustled up to make the book more palatable. There again, I've always found Marx makes me a little nauseous.

Update: Just noticed this is my 200th post. No time to pop a cork, I've got the 201st to write before a committee meeting (which should give me the material for no. 202)


Anonymous said...

Paul - I must say I find this riposte highly amusing. Nice to see the Tories still have a sense of humour.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I may be warming to Ms Stroud after the shock/horror of her militant christianity and anti-abortion mania made me splutter over my Conservative Party membership card.
I want to support her, but the abortion issue stands in the way. What exactly is her stance on abortion and why does a free market, right wing and liberated woman (yes, the bra was burnt in the 70s)find it so hard to support her?
Help me! I really want to see the back of Useless Paul Burstow but.....a born-again christian???????????

Anonymous said...

Great post, Paul.

I've been out of the country for four weeks on business and got back this morning, but this is a great post. I've been chuckling for a while now.

Good 200th as well!

Anonymous said...

The only trouble here is, if Philippa Stroud loses the next general election, will she return to her house in Fulham, and give up the one she rents in Sutton? It's all very well to postulate about where your GP is etc. etc, but unless you've actually BOUGHT a house here to live in as opposed to renting one, then her words will fall on deaf ears. It's almost as bad as pretending you live in the area that you are fighting a by-election for.

Unknown said...


So what you are saying is that tenants don't count? You're not seriously writing off most of the Shanklin as second-class citizens whose opinions don't count? The fact of the matter is that Philippa lives in the Borough and uses local services. The story of this article is that uninformed shooting from the hip about personal matters rather than giving considered opinions about the issues will always be found wanting. You may want to reread the whole lot again and reconsider the tack you take in the above comment.

You are so much better at this earlier in the day!

Anonymous said...

Cllr Scully what a perceptive answer to Cllr Pickles.
It will be interesting to see how residents of the Shanklin react when Cllr Pickles comments are made public.
Perhaps you should only be able to vote if you are a landowner.
Maybe that is one of UKIPs secret policies.
Another example of the "Madness of King Pickles"

Anonymous said...

It is quite unsavoury that people need to get personal in their attacks against Mrs Stroud or any other politician for that matter. Why can't people just engage in debate on policy?

I've always thought a fair-minded attitude is to judge someone on their merit for a role, when discussing their suitability for said role.

In response to Mr Pickles' point he runs the risk of offending a large amount of hardworking decent people who have chosen to rent rather than to own. If I were on a lower income in the current housing climate I can see why this option is more inviting! I live in a fairly nice part of Cheam and would never dream of looking down my nose on people in neighbouring areas because they live in council houses or rented property.

On a more flippant note, Mr Scully, that copy of Das Kapital looks mouth-watering!

Anonymous said...

What utter nonsense. There isn't a councillor in Belmont who works as hard for the Shanklin residents as I do. The above is just smearing. Of course those who rent are not second-class citizens, but it is well known that constituents like their MP's or would-be MP's to make a firm commitment, and in my book that's moving here lock stock and barrel, and not keeping the main house elsewhere in case the voting goes against you. Comments like the ones above only go to show political ignorance in my opinion.

......and a further point - the Lib-Dems are pretty quick to point out these things, they had a field day with Olga about her "address" and she lost two elections.

Anonymous said...

No Cllr Pickles what really winds people up is them voting for someone under one party banner and then discovering the person they voted for then has jumped ship to another party.
Whats worse the address issue or the latter?
Olga Maitland got voted out(even though i believe you campaigned for her)because she was a stuck up prig.
You are not even that good...

Anonymous said...

Mr Pickles, I am sure you work very hard for the people of the Shanklin, you don’t need to convince me of that, I’m sure. With the greatest respect I just fear that they may interpret your comments on council housing as rather condescending and derogatory. I can see why they would given the wording.

A candidate might live in a damp bed-sit in the least desirable postcode in our borough or the nicest and most coveted part of South Cheam, but I would still hope their policies and vision would be at the centre of people’s attention rather than their personal arrangements.

At least that’s how I vote.

Anonymous said...

Michael - can you show me where, in my original post, I made reference to "council housing"? Can you show me where I have made any reference to actually where a candidate lives? People like "aardvark", who obviously have an unhealthy interest in me, make themselves look stupid with ignorant crass comments, and digs at every opportunity. I am talking about MP's here - not joe public. MP's, or aspiring MP's, quite rightly, are more popular when they are either local, or have shown complete committment to the area they stand in by moving in lock stock and barrel. Much is being made of Ms Stroud's GP being in Sutton (same as mine actually), but let's be open here - do her children attend local schools? Why the hell can't aspiring politicans be totally open and honest with the electorate in that respect. It's no good "half" moving in - either do it or don't. This is in no way a personal attack on Philippa - don't forget I was in the Tories for years until last year, and actually voted for her at the selection process - this is a political viewpoint. The Lib-Dems, as I said earlier will have a field day with her - in fact I would venture to suggest that their literature has already been offensive about her, far more than I would be.

Some people in the Conservative party are acting like emu's at the moment - a head in the sand attitude will not win many plaudits when it comes to the next election.

Anonymous said...

Cllr Pickles
The facts just do not back you up.
Tony Blair didnt come from Sedgefield but had a huge majority the same for John Major with Huntingdon.
I think any politician including maybe a small green one from outer space could still beat UKIP in Belmont at the next election.
Nanu Nanu

Anonymous said...

Yes, well Mr aardvark - if you are so sure, why don't you show yourself as the next tory candidate in that ward - It'll be a pleasure to see your face when you lose.

Anonymous said...

Also aardvark - I'm more than looking forward to standing for UKIP in the forthcoming general election and debating the points with Ms Stroud. It won't be me that goes in for the personal issues, although no doubt there will be some in Belmont who will try it on in the locals.

Anonymous said...

Mr Pickles,

Thank you for your reply. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my points, which is part of the reason I enjoy this Blog so much.

There is an implicit theme to your original post which suggests that a parliamentary candidate is only of worth if one has 'bought' (I note you used upper case letters for this word) a house. A literal reading of your original premise would indicate, and forgive me if I'm wrong, that having a second residence is somehow impermissible for a candidate. I’m not aware of Mrs Stroud’s personal circumstances with regards to ownership or lease of property, nor am I aware of Paul Burstow’s, any Labour candidate, or even yours for that matter – I am solely concerned with the strength of one’s political policies and the conviction that goes with it.

I also think that politicians, unless they have waived that right through a reckless or purposeful action, have the right to a private life including boundaries for family. I would you hope you think the same, Mr Pickles. Standing for publication office should not be prohibitively punitive, it should be an opportunity to serve one’s community if elected.

Anonymous said...

Cllr Pickles i cant wait.
You will know my face as i look like an Aardvark.
I was quite interested in something you wrote in a previous post on this thread responding to Michael.
You said
"Why the hell can't aspiring politicans be totally open and honest with the electorate in that respect".
That is obviously the same honesty you showed when you stood as a Conservative Cllr and then switched to UKIP.
Surely the real honesty by your own rules would have been to stand down and call a by-election so the electorate can decide.
You would then see my face a whole
lot quicker.
There shouldnt be any concerns for a politician of your standing to get elected. I mean you even live in the ward.
Or perhaps a Chicken is frightened of an Aardvark?

Anonymous said...

aardvark - my last word to you on this petty spat. If you live in the ward and know me, or as I suspect I know you - and I think I do, then please have the courage to stand against me as the Tory candidate in May 2010.

I look forward to the battle. Then again, somehow I think you won't have the courage to do it, or the Tories will still be floundering as to who they pick. Either way I look forward to facing you across the ballot box. You have a lot of work to do my friend if you are to convince the good voters of Belmont that you can do a better job than me. If you win, then good luck. Unlike some in the tory party, I don't wish to make a profession out of being a councillor. Unlike some in the party I'm not of the greedy kind who wish to pile up money and watch their pensions grow on the back of the tax-payer. I give you this pledge now:- If I lose, I walk away from politics forever. There is more to life than that anyway. The multitude of people that know me, know I am straight and honest, and do my best for them. If you can do better, then by all means try. I think you will end up with some quantity of egg on your face. That is my last word to you until 2010 - IF you have the guts to stand and IF the tories pick you. They are fickle and choosy to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Cllr Pickles

Why wait till 2010?


The Vark

Anonymous said...

Cllr Pickles
I now see why you want to wait until 2010.
Did you see last nights result in Dartford where the UKIP vote went from 230 down to 19. Yes thats right 19.
Hope its not an omen...

The Vark

Scullduggery Watch said...

Before I begin to comment on this story I would like to point out a few interesting facts about the scurrilous animal who seems less concerned with local political news and more concerned with rubbishing the good work of Cllr Pickles....

The common name of Aardvark originates from Afrikaans and is translated as “earth pig” (which is rather apt considering he/she probably has a vested financial interest in the Sutton Council Lib/Con pact due to having his own dirty snout in the trough!)

Aardvarks are very secretive animals (what therefore would be the odds on discovering that he/she is another Scully Lieutenant dutifully doling out anti-Pickles remarks whilst masquerading as an agenda-free independent member of the public?)

Aardvarks are not social animals and only come together to mate (unlike Cllr Pickles whose charisma and outgoing personality ensures that he is capable of helping and working with a broad spectrum of people from Belmont's diverse populous regardless of their creed, colour, race or religion- whilst leaving the Belmont housewives swooning in his wake!)

Predators of Aardvarks include the hyena and certain big cats (which is a terrible conundrum for the Aardvark for if he/she has the courage to pick up the gauntlet thrown down by Cllr Pickles then they will in essence be challenging a battle-hardened political lion in 2010! So, does the Aardvark accept the challenge or will the Aardvark wisely choose to button it's lip?)

When pursued by a predator, the Aardvark speedily digs a hole to get away, quickly disappearing into the earth (hence I would wager that the Aardvark will run from the Pickles Challenge and thus bury his swollen head into the sand. Like most cowardly snipers, Aardvark would rather be the keyboard warrior than actually display the courage of it's convictions)

Scullduggery Watch said...

Do you actually feel that Cllr Pickles was being derogatory to the residents of the Shanklin Estate with reference to the renting of a Sutton abode? Of course he was intending to do no such thing- such comments smacked of inaccurate opportunism by certain malevolent factions circulating on this blog.

The difference between a Shanklin tennant on a low wage and Mrs Stroud's renting of a flat in the Sutton constituency is a stark contrast between the necessity of one and the convenience of the other.

The Shaklin resident renting a flat does so due to their no doubt receiving a relatively low income and needing to fulfill the human necessity of having a place to live- which is not the same motivation that drives Mrs Stroud's cynical renting of a Sutton apartment without actually living in it full-time. That instead is instigated by Philipa Stroud's political ambition to become an MP at the next election (empowered by her husband's deep pockets which thus enable her to do so).

Without meaning to turn this into some kind of ridiculous class war is it not possible to see the clear distinction between these two forms of tenant and why they should not be used in the same parallel? Both forms of tenant have entirely different motivations.

Whether one rents an abode or not most residents would prefer to see a Member of Parliament actually residing in their constituency full-time. I believe that was the point that Cllr Pickles was making.

One could also question whether Philipa Stroud's choice of hospital for her child's operation did smack of political opportunism. If one is based in Fulham for the majority of her time then why else would St Helier have been chosen over, for instance, the Chelsea & Westminster or even Hammersmith hospitals?

Whilst one can appreciate Philipa's desire for instant endearment to the Sutton electorate there are much more meaningful ways of doing so than resorting to such crass attempts at gesture politics.

Unknown said...

Scullduggery Watch:-

Your somewhat stretched Aardvark analogy is better suited to National Geographic rather than a blog talking about Sutton issues. I would be interested in knowing who aardvark is or at least who you think it is.

Turning to Philippa, you seem to be commenting on personal matters that you know nothing about. Philippa and her family live full time in Sutton. Just because you are on a blog doesn't mean legislation doesn't relate. It is defamatory remarks such as these that is the gesture politics in the absence of any sensible ideas as to make Sutton a better place to live. In the meantime, the Liberal Democrats are happy telling Sutton residents that a 3.4% Council Tax rise is a good news story and that they should consider themselves lucky.

Scullduggery Watch said...

Scully's reply is interesting as he appears to be defending a witty critique of the creature attacking a councillor from a rival party- in the interests of balance however I failed to notice any attempted gagging of Aardvark whilst he/she was attacking Pickles (no doubt because Scully found such detracting personal attacks on a UKIP vote-splitter to be rather useful to his own agenda!)

Notice also Scully's thinly veiled threat re: legal action over Philippa's residual arrangements. Scully is typical of the kind of politician who would highlight the same hypocrisies of a rival party's PPC/MP yet hides behind threats of litigation should a light ever be shown into his own party's corner.

If Sutton's Lib Dem MP was found discovered to be not actually living in his constituency abode on a full-time basis do you not feel that Paul Scully himself would attempt to create political capital from such a fact? It does seem rather hypocritical that Scully should want to stifle such a debate.

Paul's reference to the National Geographic has reminded me of yet another example of politicos behaving like animals. One could even go into finer details over the 'night of the long knives' which I understand took place amongst the Sutton & Carshalton Conservatives approximately a year ago, with the cut-throat political brinkmanship of a certain Tory towards his ailing leader having been fueled by his own insatiable thirst for power!

With this in mind I would like to think therefore that the art-more-holier-than-thou act should promptly cease forthwith.

As regard to the 3.4% hike in Sutton Council tax: it is a bloody disgrace isn't it? One would hope that Sutton Tories would get on with exposing the Lib Dems as being the money wasters they are, rather than attempting to gag local residents like myself (who wish to see all sides of the political spectrum take Sean Brennan & Co. to task over their constant follies)

Unknown said...

Scullduggery watch

Best leave the view of whether the critique was witty to others, eh!

The point about criticism is that is has to have basis in fact. I believe that Philippa does still have a house in Fulham. If so, that is where the facts in your last post end. Philippa does live fulltime in South Sutton. Repeating the claim that she doesn't is just a smear rather than valid criticism. I daresay that I would highlight the fact if the constituency MP didn't live in the area, but this is not the same as you claiming that Philippa lives somewhere other than in Sutton.

Finally Sutton Conservatives have been quoted in several recent editions of the Sutton Guardian, had letters published, have addressed the Council Executive and are in the process of delivering 70,000 newsletters. We are able to multitask. I look forward to UKIP joining us in this, maybe starting at the Budget debate a week tomorrow.

Scullduggery Watch said...

Scully is quite right, my attempts to humour him have indeed crashed and burned. I should have considered that when it comes to his amusement the 'Dear Leader' of Sutton/Carshalton Tories is only entertained by sociopathic cloak and dagger behaviour towards one's own loyal colleagues and supporters! (well, they do say that Stalin and Adolf shared mutual admiration for the other's ruthless pursuit of power, don't they?)

When Scully has finished hiding behind his smokescreen by accusing this resident of "smears" against Philippa Stroud, perhaps he would care to acknowledge that besides her rented "house" (notice how Scully failed to use the term 'home' when he referred to Philippa Stroud's property) her roots in Sutton do appear to be rather thin on the ground.

Philippa Stroud lived in a home in Fulham before she was announced as the Tory PPC for Sutton. Her young family also attend schools inside the Fulham catchment area, so is Scully honestly expecting the electorate to believe that her brood troop across SW London through the City's gridlock every morning to receive an education?

Scully is quite aware that Sutton is NOT Philippa Stroud's full-time address. If she wished to show a long-term commitment to Sutton then perhaps she would send her children to Sutton's schools. Of course her offspring might be settled at their educational establishments and understandably reluctant to leave them. If that is the case then why does Philippa Stroud not openly declare that she lives full-time in her Fulham abode and that her only real interest in Sutton is the possibility that it's electorate might elevate her to Parliament?

Whilst Paul Burstow might not be an effective MP at least he lives full-time in the Sutton constituency (he drove past me with his family as I was out to get the newspaper last weekend- I can't imagine bumping into Philippa Stroud in the same set of circumstances!)

I also understand that the previous Sutton Tory PPC Richard Willis rented but DID actually live full-time in his Sutton West flat (Incidently, I was told that Willis returned to Reading due to the in-fighting, unprofessionalism and scullduggery taking place amongst the Sutton Tories).

I am informed though that this is not the first time the nomadic Philippa Stroud has 'free-fallen' into a constituency in a bid to get elected, in fact her ability to parachute in and then exfiltrate without being noticed is enough to make the SAS turn green with envy!

Given the fact that Philippa Stroud's true home is of course in Fulham what are the odds that in the event of her losing another election she will simply load up the Chelsea tractor and head off to pastures new once again?

It was interesting to hear of the Conservatives 70,000 newsletters! It is a pity though that Tory multi-tasking does not always extend to proof-reading and omitting factual errors that could be misinterpreted by the electorate!

Never mind, I shall endevour to help set the record straight as Scully's "Tory Jackanory" blog continues to broadcast its usual brand of semi-truthful propaganda...

Unknown said...

Sorry Scullduggery Watch. I thought it was breezy today, but it was obviously just the warm-up for this post of hot air. If you are seriously going to pick me up on the interchangeable use of the word house and home then there is little point carrying on this thread. You clearly demonstrate that you are just an agitator that does not want to see change for fear of removing your reason for existence. You may want let us know where Philippa's children leave from every morning to "troop across SW London". I'll give you a clue...they get the train.

Brenda Gunning said...

Scully : to take issue with your comment that the words house and home are interchangeable, I suggest otherwise.
The OE dictionary states that a house "is a dwelling place,building for particular purpose, a polit.assembly" whilst a home is " a PERMANENT residence" (my capitals)
Roget's Thesaurus gives "building, dwelling, residence" as alternatives to house and adds "quarters,domicile,habitat,FAMILY" (my capitals again) to the list of alternatives for home.
Perhaps this is Scullduggery's point about Phillipa's permanent/usual/family home.If we are going to be so pedantic here on use of language, let's make sure we are correct.

Scullduggery Watch said...

Hmmm... what prompted such an aggressive outburst from Councillor Scully I wonder?

Surely it could not have been my pointing out the bleedin' obvious regarding Philippa Stroud's living full-time in Fulham?

I do believe that Scully might actually have been a little more agitated by my repeated references to his devious subterfuge towards other senior Councillors from his own local political party throughout the year of 2007.

This would explain his aggressive accusations of my being an "agitator" and of my having nothing else to live for besides his blog.

The latter was quite a nasty comment which should provide further evidence to the Sutton & Carshalton electorate that Councillor Scully is not the cuddly political figure he portrays to the public. Instead Councillor Scully is a ruthless operator that would never let little things (like manifesto pledges, loyalty to his own party's councillors, and consistency between his critique of local councillors and national party leaders) get in the way of his own insatiable appetite for power.

However if you look at the postings I have made both on the "marxism never tasted so good" and "weapon of choice" threads you will notice that Scully has been in no hurry to comment on my revelations that he instigated the Sutton & Carshalton Conservative's "night of the long knives" despite my having made several references to his role in that bloody coup d'etat.

When politicians avoiding talking about something you have to ask yourself the reason why. Alas, Councillor Scully has stated that there is no reason to carry on this thread. Obviously he wishes to restrict the debate to subjects other than ones which throw his suitability for office into doubt.

Incidentally, didn't the Aardvark accept the Pickles challenge to run for Council for Belmont ward by declaring "why wait til 2010?" Does that mean that he will put his money where his mouth is and actually run as a Tory spokesman for Belmont?

Aardvark: Yes or No?

Unknown said...

Scullduggery Watch

Final word since this is pretty pointless stuff.
1. I have never asked anyone to post specific comments on this blog.
2. Philippa lives in Sutton not Fulham.
3. You say that you are not a member of any party but trip out the accusations of David Pickles and call him a political lion with women swooning at his feet. The least you could do is to cough up the membership fee to help him do something constructive rather than boosting my readership figures. (It may well have been you that had the distinction of being my 10,000th visitor sometime last night.)
4. The only thing that I have an insatiable appetite for is Cantonese Roast Duck.
5. Was that a hint of an apology for accusing Jonathan of claiming that he lived in Cheam Ward?
6. Have a look at http://tinyurl.com/db5k8. There is a whole beautiful world out there away from the computer.
7. Goodnight.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I've come on to this blog rather late (as usual). Interesting to see "scullduggery watch" continue his banter with you Paul. Seems he/she has hit a raw nerve. And what was the comment deleted post?

Perhaps the forthcoming byelection is proving to be a little too much?

For the record, I know of no-one going under that name, so at least that's one poster you can't accuse me of being.

Unknown said...


The comment deleted was a duplicate of my comment directly above.

Anonymous said...

Mr Numbscullduggery.
I invited Cllr Pickles to stand against me now but of course he is a bottler who needs the allowance for the next 2 years.
If i went for a job and was being paid for doing one thing and then unilaterally decided to down tools and go to another one would i still get paid?
I think not.
Wheres the honesty from Cllr Pickles.
There isnt any...


Anonymous said...

Well aardvark - let's see if you have the guts to stand in Belmont ward in 2010. There is, after all, a vacancy, and a little bird tells me the Tories haven't filled it yet. You'll have 2 years to get yourself as well known as me.

You won't stand of course because you are all wind and puff, a tory stooge. Perhaps if you are nice to him/her "scullduggery watch" might even campaign for you.

Queen Of Cheam said...

doesnt coughing up a membership fee as cllr scully so eloquently puts it usually mean that members are supposed to be loyal to their other members? after what i have learned of cllr scully's self promotion tactics after reading these comments on his blog i think that he is the last person to request anyone joins a party. it doesnt seem as though loyalty or party membership ever meant anything to him

Scullduggery Watch said...

Councillor Scully

I read with interest that your favourite dish is "Duck".

Given how your head has dropped beneath the parapet every single time I have questioned your role in the "night of the long knives" and your double standards regarding the "Pickles/Cameron immigration" comments I would say that your choice of cuisine is in fact rather fitting.

Even more appropriate is that photograph of you holding your ears with the other two wise monkeys (Geiringer & Gordon-Bullock) which appears elsewhere on your blog.

I am sure that you have struck a similar pose to the one in that picture every single time I have mentioned your role in overthrowing the ailing Eleanor Pinfold and your refusal to criticise David Cameron for the same reasons you berated Councillor David Pickles.

"Consult, Consider, Ignore" INDEED!