Sunday, February 03, 2008

Britannia in Downing Street

As I was working in Westminster on Friday, I was summoned by a friend to watch a spectacle planned outside Downing Street. Simon McGee, from the Mail on Sunday met up with "Britannia" to present a petition to No. 10 demanding that the decision to drop Britannia from the 50p is reversed. You can read Simon's version of the morning here.

The Mail on Sunday have the support of 30,000 residents. Britannia couldn't get her trident past the metal detectors so Simon had to pass on the views of so many himself.

Although Britannia has featured on our coins for some 336 years, she has had some time off for short-run commerative 50p coins. However, continued erosion of our sovereignty and civic pride means that people seek to retain these comparatively small symbols of tradition and nationhood. They are right to campaign against this move by a government who truly believe that history books all start from 1997.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! All of a sudden the Tories are worried about our "heritage" and our "soverignity". Given that is was a Tory Prime Minister (Grocer Heath) who sold us down the river to force us into Europe, it's quite sickening of the Tories to now come out with ANYTHING that purports to be anything approaching Britishness. What a bunch of sad losers. Tories? Liars more like.

Unknown said...

I couldn't help but notice the irony of the accusation of being a sad loser. To log onto my blog so many times to leave such comments illustrates perfectly why the pro-european lobby have been able to write off anyone vaguely critical about how Europe is run.

This week, Conservative MEP Dan Hannan spoke out passionately about the despotic actions of Hans-Gert Pottering. You might even follow the lead of your own boss Nigel Farage who came across very well on the Andrew Marr show this morning. Whilst you stand shouting from the sidelines, people like Pottering smile and carry on with their agenda.

PS, I was four when we joined the EEC. I've always been proud of my heritage and fail to see why Edward Heath should have any bearing on that. Come back and review the debate with a sober view in the morning, then maybe we can acheive something other than playing out bitter regrets.

Anonymous said...

daphne oxenford @ 03 February 2008 22:21:00 GMT

Three green bottles, sitting on the wall...


Anonymous said...

You have to say, she's looking good for her age!