Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pledge No. 8 - Supporting Our Armed Forces

Junior ranks fighting on our behalf in Afghanistan are among the lowest paid public sector employees in the country with basic pay as low as £15,000pa. Some young married soldiers are below the poverty line, yet we ask them to do things without question that we couldn't even imagine.

Sutton Conservatives are committed to give soldiers, normally residents in Sutton, deployed on active service overseas a 50% council tax rebate. As well as basic financial support and cover for services that they are not using, such a commitment is symbolic in honouring the Military Covenant and acknowledging the risk and sacrifice that these men and women take on behalf of us all.

Our Commitment: We will give British soldiers and reservists deployed on active service overseas a 50% council tax rebate as a small token of our support for their commitment and sacrifice.

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David B, CB said...

In the meantime... nice to see that the Sutton Lib Dems are supporting Photoshop technicians by using false photos - the two 'newsletters' that have landed on my doormat have had the words 'victory' and goodness knows what else added to a photo of our saviours (sorry, Messrs Brake and Burstow) outside St Helier Hospital.

Naughty boys, faking photos. Next they'll be faking a freeze on council tax...