Wednesday, March 17, 2010

David Cameron Unplugged

David Cameron's visit to Lewisham showed a start contrast between him and Gordon Brown. No stage management, no hand-picked audience. Instead he faced a few questions from some feisty students and journalists. Cameron was open and honest about the hard choices that the government faces, not backing away from tackling any of the questions thrown at him. We need more of this, instead of pet interviewers being rolled in to impart set messages.


Cllr David Pickles said...

He's such a fantasist and say anything for a cheap vote guy, the only thing he deserves is to be unplugged. What an automaton.

Steve Jones said...

Is this jar of pickles past its sell-by date?

Cllr David Pickles said...

.......Lol! Very droll "Mr" Jones. Wouldn't be so bad if Cameron put some meat on the bones.

Oh! Hold on - a missive from Philippa Stroud on behalf of the "CONservatives". "We will peg immigration to tens of thousands as opposed to hundreds of thousands". What a larf! Are we invited to vote for a party that is so in love with Europe (who by the way control our borders, and by implication our immigration) that actually wants to let TENS OF THOUSANDS of people into this country? I think not. Dishonesty = the current CONservative party. No wonder after 13 years in opposition they can't even muster 40% of the vote.

Cllr David Pickles said...

I "lurve" the latest twitter nonsense on the right hand side of the blog. Working hard for positive "change" in Sutton.

Change change change change change. The only word the "CONservatives" and Cameron knows. But where are the policies? Changing a lightbulb would be more entertaining than listening to fakes.

David B, CB said...


See what he did there?

Come on David, you can do better than this. A knackered old pun is no basis for a political debate!

Unknown said...

David P

David B is right, which bit of our proposed positive change for Sutton do you feel is not a policy.

Publishing council spending online? The Liberals are quite happy to have a handful of people in the public gallery with the majority of the public unaware or unable to follow what they are doing.

Aiming for a Council tax freeze for 4 years? We'd all love to reduce tax but we have to remain responsible in such an economic climate where the public sector recession is only just starting to bite. This policy is a clear change to the acceptance of budgets only ever going one way.

Removing speed bumps? Surely that doesn't need clarification.

Protecting our family homes? I've had two major sites lost to inappropriate development. One because of the planning inspector in Bristol, the other because of LibDems who worried more about the cost of any appeal than doing the right thing.

You've got 39 days to show that you're more than an enemy of the taxpayer and have a coherent plan for Sutton. I'm not sure that residents would have the patience to wait for a councillor to singlehandedly pull the UK out of the European Union with the view to solving all of their woes.

Belle Mont said...

I think the jar of pickles had a best before date somewhere in the mid eighties.

Cllr David Pickles said...

Very clever "Belle Mont" - who actually lives in Belmont ward. Have a pretty good idea who you are anyway. Funny that, the proper Conservatives whom you worked for and admired run by Lady Thatcher now seem to be irrelevant.

Amazing what people like you and your so-called party would do to get a vote. Vote for change? Vote for a changing party more like.

Oh, and for those interested - and it would take me a month of Sunday to type it here - just go to and you can download our full manifesto (that's if you can be bothered)