Friday, January 01, 2010

Nick Clegg's New Year Message


Cllr David Pickles said...

Clever editing Paul, but really not very funny, or original.

I suspect the "Tories" are running scared, possibly not from the Lib-Dems but maybe other parties who are going to show them up for the fakes they are. Maybe a bit of honesty where Ashcroft is concerned (I hear over £70,000 has been pledged and spent in Sutton Borough alone from an individual who cannot bring himself to declare whether he pays UK tax or not - I suspect he pays no tax here so is technically an illegal donor but you wouldn't want that broadcast out loud) wouldn't be a bad thing to get the ball rolling. Anyhow, Happy new year to one and all and let battle commence. I look forward to it!

Unknown said...


Not my editing but that of Miranda Hart on her BBC TV programme. Humour failure complaints to her as well.

It's a bit much to think that Michael Ashcroft just comes to Sutton with his Santa sack and dumps £70,000 for us to use for campaigning. The money that we spend is raised from both local people paying subscriptions and supporting fundraising events and from the central party raised from any number of people.

Happy New Year to you.

humour malfunction said...

humour malfunction...humour malfunction...

Pickles: you should really cheer up, mate.

Cllr David Pickles said...

Maybe "humour malfunction" - but don't forget I was once party of the "Tory" group (who no longer by any stretch of the imagination can be talked of as Tories), and I'm friends with possibly more than Paul and Co. would feel comfortable with, so I have a good feel and instinct for what is going on. The £70k rumour I got from someone on the inside who tonight is sticking to his story. Can we possibly see some invoices and evidence that that amount has been spent more or less? I won't hold my breath on that one. As for a lack of sense of humour, I think you should look inside yourself on that one. I seem to recall a rather dour individual who was rude and never smiled being invited to most of last year's full council meetings to ask planted questions on behalf of the ever more desperate "Tory" party of the UK. Unfortunately (for them) it seemed to fail and fall to bits. For your info, I happen to get on well with Paul and like him as a person. Unfortunately, I feel he represenets a band of brigands who have nothing genuine to offer. Still the UKIP door is wide open to all, as, I am frequently told, is the Tory door to me. I wonder who will prevail come May 6th?

Grateful Liberal said...

Who will prevail? Fortunately we will if David Pickles exceeds even his wildest expectations. As grateful as I am, it is funny how the person who bills himself as the biggest opponent of the Liberal Democrat party is now doing our dirty work for us. He may even retire from politics with that as his legacy. Cheers Cllr Pickles.

Cllr David Pickles said...

No probs "Grateful Liberal". Canvassing (and e-mail) returns for us suggest that Burstow is now a spent force. Having spent the last 8 months working hard to destroy certain votes here, I don't think it will be hard to stop a certain lady landing HER wildest dream. You see, it's all about being in touch with the populace, something that the present day "Tories" (see Peter Hitchens - Mail on Sunday ad infinitum) just aren't good at.

Cllr David Pickles said...

As a postscript to all here, I would advise at least a £100 bet on the "Tories" not getting a working majority at the next election.

Belle Mont said...

Interesting take on matters by Grateful Liberal and one that Coun Pickles seem to confirm. Lord Pearson's announcement when he became leader that UKIP candidates' sole aim is to stop the Conservatives achieving a working majority means that for the first time, Coun Pickles is officially whipped to help the Liberal Democrats winning Sutton. I would guess that the Lib Dems are more likely to be the king makers in Westminster should that eventuality happen which will make a Euro-sceptic agenda even less likely to happen. Seems to me to be a sell-out motivated by bitter regret rather than any strategic thought.

Cllr David Pickles said...

Thanks for your input "Belle Mont", but not on my part. I am out to win, whatever you may think. Hopefully it will be a clean contest, as begged by Cameron, and I'm not "officially whipped" to help Burstow by any means. As Cameron himself admitted before Christmas "There are not much differences between the Conseratives and the Lib-Dems", so what's the point of voting for either? Happy new Year!

David, Carshalton Beeches said...

David, have you ever thought of starting your own blog? Then your comments will be on the front page and not the pop-up comments box. And I'd get some peace...

Cllr David Pickles said...

Well, you don't have to read them David do you now?

David, CB said...

Only pulling your leg David. Your own blog would make for interesting reading, however. Ever thought of it? Good fun, all this partisan jousting...

dominic said...

It has now become obvious that David Pickles is motivated by keeping an ineffective Liberal Democrat MP in Westminster, and a spendthrift Liberal Democrat Council in power locally. That makes him the willing enemy of the Sutton taxpayer for two very solid reasons.

Reason 1:

Because he is obsessed with standing in Sutton & Cheam for the UKIP party he will let our Liberal Democrat MP, Paul Burstow, off the hook thus keeping a change of Government one seat further away doing Labour and Gordon Brown a massive favour. Brown's Labour need people like Burstow (and Pickles) to stop the additional Conservative MPs needed to form a Government (and Labour strategists know that Sutton & Cheam is a wasteland for Labour, making it a straight Liberal Democrats versus Conservative contest). Brown's national debt crisis had lead to job losses, the weakening of the British economy and inevitable higher taxes. Our public finances are in such terrible state and it will fall to the taxpayer - you and I as it always does - to foot the bill. Because Brown and Darling and Co. fail to realise that the Government needs to reduce its expenditure to counter our huge budget deficits over the coming years tax rises are on the way.

Waxing lyrical about the death penalty and the European Union on a frankly bizarre UKIP platform will do less than nothing in Sutton & Cheam to eject Brown’s Labour and all the tax rises, poor decisions and economic hardship that comes with it.

He is working to let Paul Burstow MP off the hook to make a continued Labour Government more likely. This makes David Pickles the enemy of the Sutton taxpayer. And he knows this.

Reason Two:

David Pickles' efforts benefit the Liberal Democrats who run Sutton Council and he knows this too. Sutton Council’s current rulers are notorious for their spendthrift policies. Council tax here is among the very highest in all of Greater London, if not the country. Let me list the achievements which David Pickles wishes to safeguard as little more than a Liberal Democrat stooge: -

§ They have presided over an explosion of pubs and clubs in our high streets leading to violence and antisocial behaviour making a once accessible and quiet high street a no go area for anyone other than thugs and drunks.
§ They foolishly invested £5million of our money in a Icelandic bank which when bust, they caused mayhem through scrapping the green waste service.
§ They spend money on absurd projects like the Sutton Life Centre thing and scrap libraries and youth clubs to fund it.
§ They fail to grit our roads properly and to clean our drains adequately.
§ They have let our council housing fall into the most deplorable state.
§ They have let garden after garden fall prey to predatory back garden developers thus ruining our neighbourhoods.

These are just a choice slice that my researches could dredge up but David Pickles is obvious in his support for the very Liberal Democrat councillors who made these disasters a reality, this is because his efforts are designed to prop them up, to halt a change in the Council which is sorely needed.

This too makes him in the knowing enemy of the Sutton taxpayer.

This is a sad epitaph to a man who once seemingly had a political career, potentially with many years left. He threw it all away. Changed his mind. Changed it again. Had a rethink and had another change.

And now he has set up his stall as the protector of the very political party he once vigorously opposed, Sutton’s Liberal Democrats.

For all the angry and often barely coherent political bluster we get from him, it does nothing, can do nothing and will continue to do nothing for the people of Sutton because he will only prop up the people who have ruined it, again, the Liberal Democrats locally and Gordon Brown’s Labour nationally.

Taxpaying ladies and gentlemen…

I present to you all, Councillor David Pickles, Liberal Democrat Toady Extraordinaire and Unrelenting Enemy of the Sutton Taxpayer.

I request a reply.

Cllr Tim Crowley said...


I will take you up on that bet of a Tory working majority.
What do you say with the winnings going to a charity of their choice.

Game on.

Cllr David Pickles said...

Tim - I'll come back to you on that, but first I have to answer your obvious Tory stooge "Dominic" who is, and he knows it talking utter rubbish.

Firstly, I am not a stooge for Burstow or anybody else. It is quite obvious that the Tories, both locally and nationally are running scared of parties like UKIP because they know we will take much deserved votes from them, and people like "Dominic" are actually playing the Lib-Dem card - in other words "UKIP cannot win here". How churlish.

Has any Tory over the years had the courage to call for the return of capital punishment? I think not. It must be remembered that it was the Tories who took us into Europe with all the expense and deceipt that it now entails. It was the Tories who instigated mass immigration, it was the Tories who have just hiked fares in London whilst protecting their rich friends by scrapping the congestion charge in Kensington and Chelsea.

So, "Dominic", don't dare lecture me on the morals and ethics of the Tories, because they have none. How can you support a "leader" (Cameron - don't make me laugh) who says, and I quote "Grammar schools are an excellent thing but we won't be building any more". How much more proof positive do you need of a weak "leader" and a party that will say anything, but do nothing for a cheap vote?

And, whilst we are on that subject, are you the only "Tory" that can tell me whether your generous benefactor Ashcroft now pays tax in the UK? Lots of people dearly wish to know. Until the "Tories" can prove any honesty at all, and that I very much doubt, then kindly stop your churlish comments as I find them rather childish.

Cllr David Pickles said...

Right - Tim - now we've dealt with "Dominic" (do you know him per chance?), I'll lay the bet with you.

I don't think that Cameron will get what I call a "working majority". In other words win enough seats to be able to govern without the recourse to suck up to either the Lib-Dems, whom we all know will suck up to anyone for a stab at glory, or all the minority parties combined.

I also think that you supposed 10% lead in the polls will evaporate as we near May 6th.

On that basis, I'm prepared to offer a straight £100 bet with you that Cameron will NOT garner enough seats to be able to govern outright.

Winner takes all, and as you say "game on".

Winner receives £100 from the loser and donates to a charity of his/her choice. (See I'm not sexist either!)


David, CB said...

Oh, I've had enough now. DP, you have posted probably 40x more copy on this blog than the blogger. And most of it's sour grapes waffle. Pickles, start your own blog! Pleeeease! This is not a UKIP forum - it's Scully's blog!

(Damn... I bit...)

Cllr David Pickles said...

Indeed David CB - and Scully's blog is fair game like everyone else's. UKIP obviously gets up your nostrils somewhat. Maybe you think we will be a threat in the country come the next election. That's certainly the things I'm hearing. Unfortunately the Conservatives possess a certain arrogance that makes them think they are entitled to power. Unfortunately (for them) Cameron is (rightly) perceived as rather an oily untrustworthy individual, and you still haven't managed to shake off the "nasty" tag yet. Witness the inheritance tax for property over £1m (stuff everybody else), and Johnson's crass handling of scrapping the Western Extention to the congestion charge thereby looking after his rich buddies in Kensington and Chelsea.

You really couldn't make it up.

Unknown said...

David P

You're making an elementary mistake in assuming that David CB is a Tory. Though statistically, you are probably on safer ground that UKIP gets up his nostrils.

With regard to the western extension of the congestion charge, Ken Livingstone imposed this despite a majority not wanting it. 69% of people then said that they wanted it scrapped when Boris asked them as part of his manifesto pledge. Sorry if democracy and majority rule gets in the way of your considered views David. Perversely, many of the residents will be worse off as they got a discount for the entire area because they lived in the zone. Once it is scrapped, they will have to pay full price to go into the centre of town.

Cllr David Pickles said...

Paul - as the "centre of town" isn't that far from Kensington and Chelsea, couldn't the residents hold their noses and take bus/tube like the rest of us?

Cllr David Pickles said...

By the way - "Dominic" demanded a reply. He got one - and has not shut up. Another stooge, another plant, or another waste of space?

Cllr David Pickles said...

By the way - "Dominic" demanded a reply. He got one, and has now shut up. Another stooge, another plant, or another waste of space?

dominic said...

David Pickles should remember that patience is a virtue and I am happy to respond to his reply.

I am very glad that he has replied, but I am a little disappointed that he has not addressed my fundamental point: that he is, through his political activities, the enemy of the Sutton taxpayer.

He has done nothing to allay my fears that this is the case.

And this is indeed the case because he knows that he will not succeed electorally as the odds are massively stacked against him. Through his comments above he has actually admitted this, and I quote “we will take much deserved votes from them”. This is in alignment with the leader of his party, Lord Pearson of Rannoch, who has openly stated that it is his aim to achieve a hung parliament. He doesn’t actually want power, he simply wishes to prop up a failing Government by thwarting a change of government.

Is that what vibrant British politics is about? This approach seems positively European in the messy and weak Italian style to me, breeding enfeebled unsustainable governments which fail to provide clear national governance. In the British case precisely what we need is a clear direction with a replacement in government, the type which we have been starved of for years now. Malcolm Pearson’s strategy, and David Pickles’ for that matter, plays into the hands of Brown’s Labour, who we can all agree is not good news for the taxpayer because of his blatant inadequacies in tackling the budget deficit and the ongoing economic crisis by failing to admit that national expenditure cannot continue to outstrip income on an epic scale.

Again, rather than repudiating my assertion that David Pickles is the enemy of the taxpayer through his tacit support for an inadequate Liberal Democrat MP and a notoriously expensive Council administration of the same political ilk, he has relied on fatigued and abstract arguments about the courage to hang people, to chuck out immigrants, party political finances and the price of a bus ticket in London. Granted all important issues but at no point has he tackled the issue that his determination to keep Liberal Democrats in post, at all tiers both parliamentary and council, through his strategy of taking “much deserved votes from them” (the Conservatives) is not in the best interests of the Sutton taxpayer. I implore him to keep the focus on Sutton and the interests of resident taxpayers and how his efforts run contrary to those interests.

Simply calling an argument “churlish” twice won’t make it go away as the points remain undisputed. Similarly, I see nothing “childish” in requesting a politician to account for his actions, his politics and the consequences of them. If he is incapable or unwilling to do so he must therefore question his own suitability for elected office at any level.

So, I ask him again: how will he explain away the assessment that his UKIP efforts are designed to make administration changes in Sutton Council and Westminster out of reach, with the obvious consequence of helping to potentially keep Labour and the Liberal Democrats in power nationally and locally with all the well evidenced problems for local taxpayers continuing as a result.

He will be fully aware that his own party will not form a Government nor an administration locally. His is a party of sideline agitation and disruption. And the taxpayer will potentially lose out as a result.

Again, I challenge him to inform us why he is not The Enemy of the Sutton Taxpayer and an ally to the Liberal Democrats.

Belle Mont said...

Belle Mont

One of the things about a blog rather than a normal website is that you need to have new things to say each time or being able to share information on something that you have achieved recently for residents. That'll be a sticking point for UKIP. There's already a blog called 'Pickled Politics'. How about 'Up Jacob's Creek without a Paddle'?

Cllr David Pickles said...

Dominic - your obvious love of the "Tory" party is quite sickening. You seem to slavishly follow the "tory" mantra that a vote for anybody else is a "wasted" one. I'm afraid I don't subscribe to that nonsense as you would not expect me to. Please explain how the election in Sutton & Cheam of Philippa Stroud will change anything? Does she have a god-given right to win the seat? Does she have a forthright opinion on anything, apart from "broken britain" which has sustained her beliefs over many years and basically involves chucking tax-payers money at so-called "poor families" (in reality it involves hard-working people subsidising feckless individuals who have no interest in society and will laugh at her if she succeeds)? She likes to make big play about education in Sutton, but sends her own children to schools which I believe are fee-paying outside the borough. Why don't you lot have the honesty to put that fact in "Sutton & Cheam Matters"? Why - because the "Tories" wouldn't know the word honesty if it bit them on the arse. I certainly haven't heard anything from her, or from Paul Burstow for that matter on the subject of how we deal with the scum element in our society, despite 2 letters in the local press, whereas I have had massive support for my views on it. In touch with the public the "tories" are not, because they are all dead scared to veer away from the Cameron "party line". Gutless United they should call their football team. I have long held the view that capital punishment is the way to go, since probably before you were born, so I cannot correctly be accused of bringing it up now as a cheap shot because an election is only 5 months away. I'm quite certain you would be shocked, in fact I know that YOU KNOW the facts on this, about the support I have had since I made the statement in the latter half of last year. The trouble with the "tories" and the other main parties is that no representative of them has the guts to say what other people are thinking. You are quite happy, obviously, to see an oily slippery individual like Cameron elected on the back of false promises. Do you really trust a guy that gave a "cast-iron" guarantee on an EU referendum only to withdraw it at the last minute? If you are happy to pillory me and suck up to the "tory" party then that's fine. Pity you aren't au fait with the facts. Are you happy to be involved with and support a party that did the dirty on the best prime minister since Churchill? Of course you are, because you have all become so loathsome in your quest for power that you will do and say anything for a cheap vote. Have you ever attended a full council meeting? Have you witnessed the stooges that Paul Scully and Co have involved in the meetings with planted questions so pathetic they are almost laughable. Indeed one certain individual whose name I can't remember because he appeared so insignificant was so ignorant towards me he couldn't even raise a "good evening" when I raised it. Please don't lecture me on the benefits of the "tories". Unfortunately I wasted many years of my life working for them, and know exactly the depths they will sink to to gain power. I look forward to destroying their power base here and stopping their candidate from winning anything, and I refer you also to Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday. He will teach you a few lessons as to how good the "useless tories" (his words) are.

Unknown said...


If you are going to retain any shred of respectability in this area of debate at least do what you suggest Dominic does and become "au fait with the facts." The broken society is an area that has been dominated by the Labour Party which is exactly why we are in the position that we are in. That is not the same as saying that the Centre of Social Justice makes hard-working people subsidise "feckless individuals". The CSJ were the first in two decades to propose a transferable tax allowance for married couples. They push the need to ensure that Jobseekers' Allowance must be closely linked to evidence that a person is seeking, or actively preparing for, work. They believe that lone parents must engage in an appropriate level of work once their youngest child reaches age 5. They support right-to-buy discounts of up to 30% with Housing Associations offering similar discounts on right-to-acquire and social HomeBuy purchases. Sorry if that is too lentil-munching woolly for you.

Anonymous said...

gotta love pickles' use of inverted commas, very clever.

josh weymouth said...

I'm not sure what fecking planet he's on either.

He needs to wake up and smell the coffee...a really, really strong pot in fact.

David B, CB said...

To quote David Pickles:

"I look forward to destroying [the Tories'] power base here and stopping their candidate from winning anything"

Well, thanks for that Mr P.

At least you're now being totally honest about your agenda.

Like UKIP, it involves 100% prejudice and 0% policy.

If I were a Tory (which I'm not - just conservative with a small 'c'), I would take that statement from you and put it on all my election materials. Job done.

Belle Mont said...

When was the last time David Pickles made any form of contribution in a full council meeting, laughable or not? Taking £10,000 allowance from the taxpayer simply to write letters about the death penalty and to ignore the politicians that are making decisions on behalf of residents of this Borough is hardly the mark of a friend of the Sutton taxpayer.

David, CB said...

In vinas veritas, Mr P?

David B, CB said...

Or should I have said Cllr David Pickled?

Cllr David Pickles said...

Belle Mont - making "contributions" at full council meetings are not the mark of an active politician. For a start the full council meeting is really nothing more than a sideshow - all the questions are basically known beforehand and decisions taken in advance. I don't ever recall anything over the past 8 years being changed because of a full council meeting. However, I will grant you the other meetings such as the local are committee and development control meetings are different. That's where the nuts and bolts of council work are shown. In my opinion, although you may disagree the amount and volume of case-work and the degree of success when working on it is more important than making puffed-up speeches in front of the public.

Cllr David Pickles said...

David B - CB - yes honesty is the best policy. Surely you don't think I'm naive enough to think that the "Tories" are going to play the election clean do you? Their mission will be to destroy and discredit both me and UKIP as I have said above, they think they have a god-given right to power. The rest of us have to work to prove them wrong.

Paul - thanks for your reply regarding the centre for social justice. I am au fait with the facts, I've looked at the website and read and collected various articles on them. I still maintain it's a complete waste of money. How on earth did people survive in the 1940's and 1950's without all this nonsense? They just got on with it.

Cllr David Pickles said...

Actually, having had time to think about it over the weekend, I think you have a bloody cheek "Belle Mont". What have you ever achieved for the people of Sutton (or Belmont for that matter)?

If it wasn't for me (and not forgetting that the tories soon jumped on the bandwagon on this, Maitland, Geiringer, et al), you'd be up to your neck in uncollected rubbish - because who was it that forced the Lib-Dem council to back down on fortnightly collections? Me chum that's who.

So when you want to spout your nonsense about taking £10,000 for writing letters to the press, you'd better look in the mirror and ask yourself what you have achieved. Precisely zilch that's what. Try some case-work - that'll show you what it's all about.

larry the gherkin said...

Tut tut, still trading on past glories Pickles?

that was a kick in the teeth for th old council, but that story is nine years old, Got anything new?

Come on mate what have you done since then other than making a laughing stock of yourself by resigning, quitting, Defecting, changing your mind loads of times in a political aPersonality Crisis, getting royaly spanked in the GLA elections, giving Belmont a 2finger salute to stand in St Helier, then realising that wasn't a sufficiently pukka meal ticket ‘cos your mate wasn’t standing thus changing your mind again, resigning from politics entirely, realising you wouldn't have anything better to do, repeatedly changing your mind about the colour of sh*t, and I could go on...

I’ve kept track of your capers in the papers and not withstanding your creepy obsession with hanging, I’d say your claims to fame are a little ropey me old china...

Cllr David Pickles said...

........yes "Larry the Gherkin" The colour of sh*t is a saying that I recognise from someone. You wouldn't be the "someone" that wanted me back would you?

Running scared I'd say the Tories were. Good that, they are going to get spanked regardless.

Belle Mont said...

For the time being, you are the one that has been elected to represent me as a resident in your area. I have the opportunity of achieving one thing for the people of Belmont on May 6th and adding one more ballot paper to the piles of three of your opponents. Your increasingly bitter and paranoid postings seem to suggest that you are losing the plot. I work in insurance not politics. Exactly what casework would I be doing? I don't get the £10,000 that you do. Instead I pay a massive council tax bill to help pay for your easy lifestyle.

By thinking that you single-handedly got the council to back down on fortnightly waste, you continue to demonstrate how detached from any sense of reality you might have had and run down the efforts of the many people who lobbied the council. If this is how you speak to voters who don't agree with you, then you deserve to join the scrapheap of politicians after this election.

larry the gherkin said...

I notice your still not answering the question Pickles, what have you done over the past eight years - pocketing a tidy allowance apart from boring letters to the paper, posting on this blog and general self satisfaction?
seeing as I'm paying your wages through the Rates, what value am I getting?

Do i detect some grapes this evening. wassup?

Cllr David Pickles said...

Larry - detect what you want. Stand for the "tories" in May, although I suspect you will already be doing.

If you think you are doing well then fine, try my case-work load. Then you'll know that £10,000 per annum for around 35-40 hours and numerous phone calls that are paid for (by me) isn't such a good deal after all. But, of course, it's all about being in touch with the populace, which your cronies obviously are not. Oh, and by the way, I look forward to losing your vote (and your wife's). I'm sure it won't matter as to the colour of sh*t. Don't you?

Cllr David Pickles said...

I will now be ignoring the vitriolic and unnecessary attacks on me and will only be posting here again nearer the election when I will outline parts of the UKIP manifesto nationally and locally. I for one am too busy wasting my time arguing with people here who have nothing sensible to offer other than jealous and spiteful attacks. Maybe some posters here will make some sensible comments as to the difference between the two parties once they see it in print. In the meantime..........let battle commence.

dominic said...

I genuinely lament the fact that David Pickles has said he will not be posting on Paul Scully's Blog because I am still concerned that he has not addressed the very real concerns that he is the Enemy of the Sutton Taxpayer. These legitimate concerns are that his only intention, and that of his party, is to prop up spendthrift left wing political parties like the Sutton Liberal Democrats and Gordon Brown's Labour.

Rather than addressing this point, he accuses anyone who questions him of being "sickening" – the political equivalent of covering your ears and shouting “I’m not listening”.

Disappointingly, his level of debate rarely moves away from obsessive attack, attack, attack on the Conservative Party. Indeed, his idea of discussion and discourse on politics revolves around an almost feverish fixation on the Conservatives at the expense of any attempt – excepting outbursts on immigration and the death penalty – of selling his own solutions to local and national problems in an accessible and cogent way.

Personally I profess no “love” for the Party, as he says, but I do wish to see them change the Government and to tackle the deficit which threatens this country deeply. Historical patterns show that socialist governments (Labour) ruin the economy over a period of time and that it invariably falls to economically liberal parties (Conservative Party) to mend it and set it on track again. This, however, has been proven not to be enough to govern alone; the hearts and minds of the populace must be sought and this is why Tony Blair swept to power in 1997 (with my vote, living in North London) and perhaps this is one of these reasons how the Liberal Democrats (Alliance as then was) took control here in Sutton in the late 1980s. Governing by the wallet is not enough; you need to govern with optimism, hope and a positive message too.

But enough of the finer things, David Pickles’ exhortations on this Blog have not tackled the issue I am keen to debate: for him to refute the notion - with policy and evidence - that he is not a willing Enemy of the Sutton Taxpayer and a Liberal Democrat Toady. Nothing he has said has been to the contrary. In fact, quite the opposite on a number of occasions.

His post dated 7 January 23:55 GMT is an unchecked and increasingly shrill eulogy of a Conservative Party he wishes existed and a virulent bitter tirade against its current candidates. His assertion is that everyone contained therein is “loathsome” and pathologically prone to lying because they do not agree with his take on life looking in from the political fringe. All of which has pushed him into the somewhat tragically disgruntled position in which he looks “forward to destroying their power base here and stopping their candidate from winning anything” – thus proving my point.

Let us follow this point logically. Even the most amateur, bitter and dejected political pundit knows that his party will not form the Government or the Council Administration. If his political obsession is to stop Conservative candidates from winning anything - factoring in the absence of any Labour prospects locally – he must therefore desire the return of a Liberal Democrat administration in Sutton Borough’s Civic Offices. And, knowing their reputation and inclination towards high tax and high spend, he supports this approach and is working to perpetuate this regime.

In conclusion and in the absence of any discernible evidence to the contrary, David Pickles of UKIP has been convicted (in intellectual absentia) of the most base and vulgar political offence in Sutton, namely to be the Enemy of the Sutton Taxpayer and the Toady of the Sutton Liberal Democrats and Brown’s Labour and all their works.

Take him down.

larry the gherkin said...

was it something I said?

David, CB said...

Take him down, Dominic?

We haven't strung him up yet!

Anyway, there's no need. Mr P has already hit the 'self destruct' button.

dominic said...

It is with no relish that I have to agree with you, David CB.

I geuinely wanted to debate this issue with David Pickles and to find out what case he has against the charge that he is the Enemy of the Sutton Taxpayer and therefore a Vassal of the Liberal Democrats and Labour, an Unholy Alliance of Left Wing Spendthrifts if ever there was one.

Alas, he has seemingly resigned from this Blog's discourse - which can on occasion be a bit fruity - but you'd think with his purported political penchant for the outspoken he would be able to tough it out. No, it seems.

I can only assume that he has run out of controversial statements or simply cannot engage with the topics of discussion at this level.

The only conclusion one can draw is that his vanishing is an indication of guilt on all charges, thus condemning him as the Enemy of the Sutton Taxpayer.

I have been robbed of satisfaction. And it pains me.

David, CB said...

Maybe Mr P's anti-Tory tirades will now be balanced by David Theobald also joining UKIP and denouncing the Lib Dems with equal fervour?

As Mr Pickled is set on revenge, he should know the best way to serve revenge is cold. With precision and guile. With planning, forethought and a strategy. These are all absent from Mr P's modus operandum, which centres on proclaiming black to be white - UKIP/LibDem legs good, Tory legs bad - all delivered with a mouth-frothing intensity last witnessed locally at Banstead asylum.

And it takes a strange type of politician whose sole aim is to destroy, rather than create anything.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall in meetings of Sutton Council's UKIP cabal... which, let's face it, now has TWO UKIP councillors who have never been elected on a UKIP ticket!

Cllr David Pickles said...

............jealousy jealousy jealousy. It pains the Tories so that someone dare stand against them. The arrogance is unreal, the belief absurd. In Cameron you have an empty vessel, a man who will say anything for a cheap vote. And in Sutton you will not prevail.

An enemy of the taxpayer Dominic? Why the tories have been that for years. That's why they took us into the EU. I wouldn't waste my time debating anything with you, for one of such conceit is undebateable with. It's been quite fun these past few nights watching you talk to yourself. By the way don't forget to turn up at the next full council meeting to offer your withering support to the Tory cabal. They need all the support they can muster.

Jacob Creek said...

Dr Jekyll and Mr Claret returns. The judgement is better in the morning posts rather than the late night rants.

David B, CB said...

Mr Pickled blames the Tories for taking us into the EU then forgets he was a Tory for... ooh, how long?

Anyway, that was 35 years ago!

Next he'll be blaming that appalling Tory Neville Chamberlain for taking us into an unnecessary war against that nice Mr Hitler...

It beggars belief. Mr Pickled's powers of genuine debate appear to have disappeared into a burgundy oblivion and have been replaced by playground chants which, repeated enough times, he hopes may become fact.

You truly have lost he plot, Mr Pickled. Your plot is dead. Gone. Expired. Norwegian Blue.

(Not so sure about 'blue'. What's the colour to the right of Atilla the Hun?)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry David B, we won't miss the absense of Pickles' debate too much, after all his Bacchus is worse than this bite.

Cllr David Pickles said...

Nice one. Good to see you all responding, even if it is under false or anonymous names. Typical "Tories" I suppose.

Bottoms up!

Cllr David Theobald said...

Nick Clegg? The man lacks just one thing.......Talent!!!!!

David B, CB said...

Christ on a bike, there's two of the buggers on here now...