Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another Award for Scully's Blogspot

I was really chuffed to hear that I had made it as the 4th top councillor blog in the survey carried out by Iain Dale for Total Politics. Thanks to everyone who voted for me. I've been slack about posting over the last few weeks after a hard-fought by-election and my summer holiday but hopefully this will inspire me to work harder.

This blog was the 2nd highest place Conservative blog in the list. I was knocked off my overall 3rd place acheived in 2008, by a good friend, Richard Willis, who you may remember was our Parliamentary candidate in Sutton & Cheam at the last General Election. It's great to see him going from strength to strength as a councillor in Reading. He doesn't do things by halves so it's not surprising to see him hitting the top so quickly.

Update: 21st top Conservative blog and 44th top right of centre blog. Thanks again.


John M Ward said...

Well done! I am so pleased at this news.

I do like this site and a few others like it, such as "Leatherhead Matters".

Anonymous said...


my favorite video

GPR Guy said...

Well done Paul. Much deserved.

There is a Sutton blogger who is double figures above you in the right of centre category though.

It's a borough-ful of talent, to be sure.

Tisiphone said...

Who's that? I can't think of any local blogger right or left of centre who is better than Scully.