Saturday, June 07, 2008

Young Obama Fan Lands The Knockout Blow

I'm straying just a touch away from Sutton politics in this post as Hillary Clinton finally gives up the ghost in seeking the Democratic Nomination. She has suspended her campaign rather than ended it. This will have something to do with the millions of dollars that her campaign is in debt despite having ploughed a lot of her own money in.

The unedifying spectacle of Clinton and Obama slugging it out has left McCain to go about his business campaigning in the important states. Can you believe this is only the end of round one? The election isn't even for another five months or so yet it seems to have gone on longer than one of Cllr Roberts' speeches.


Anonymous said...

In the vein of "The sourest grapes make the finest wine", there is quite a rumble of Hillary supporters throwing their approval behind McCain. There has even been talk of a McCain/Clinton ticket which, although unusual, has a precedent with Lincoln/Johnson in 1864. If you study the US history books, never stand as president if your VP's name is Johnson (Lincoln/JFK)!

Longer than Cllr Roberts' speeches? Come on, the primaries are only a few months!

Anonymous said...

Hey! As the only commenter on this blog, do I get a prize?

Unknown said...

Talking to yourself, eh David:) This was a post that I was motivated to write because of the picture. Has Colin Hall had his picture taken with any pugilistic youngsters recently?

Anonymous said...

I think so but they are about £35!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Still talking to myself.......trying to work out how many of us there are in here!!!!!