Wednesday, June 04, 2008

It's The Car Or Nothing

A story in the Sutton Guardian this week illustrates everything that is wrong with the green garden waste scheme as it is currently constituted.
Mr Burton from North Cheam doesn't have a car and so walked about a mile pushing his wheelbarrow filled with green garden waste to the dump in Kimpton Road. He queued up with the cars, showed his council tax bill to prove that he was a resident and was turned away because it was too dangerous not being in a car.
He told the Guardian "As a non-car user, I decided to cart my rubbish along in my garden wheelbarrow, but was met by a surly jobsworth, who said it was against procedures. Living in supposedly one of the most environmentally-friendly boroughs in London, I find this set-up is a total farce."
I'll write again on the garden waste as a whole but this is just one of a number of issues that have not been addressed before implementing this scheme. Meanwhile a centre at Beddington Lane has been opened for residents to take their garden waste for composting at a cost of some £5000 per week. Make sure that you are up to date with all of the changes by going to the Council website .


Anonymous said...

Cannot help but agree there Paul. I think it's the Lib-Dems version of "The longest suicide note in history"!

Anonymous said...

My wife and I will take our garden rubbish to the dump, I'll be damned if I am paying for it quite frankly. I pay quite enough council tax as it is.

Mr Burton appears to have been penalised for using a GREEN method of transport to dispense of his GREEN waste.

Paul, I thought Sutton was a green borough council? Surely the "carbon footprints" of residents taking their waste to dumps exceeds that of the previous collection trucks?