Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Thanks For Your Support

I'm always really grateful for the support of friends and regular readers in my attempt to keep Sutton residents aware of what is happening in Sutton politics. I am especially glad for the support whilst I try to continue alongside a busy job in Westminster. So thank you to all who voted in the recent Total Politics Blog Awards. Your support helped me to achieve:
Yes, I am aware that I am no longer a councillor! However, since most of the entries were written when I was in office, I think that's fair enough. Anyway, thank you again for sticking with me whilst posting is slack. It all goes towards helping me rediscover my political mojo. There is plenty left to do in Sutton.

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David Pickles said...

Wow! Thats great Paul. How amazing that your so-called "Conservatives" were blown apart, and yet you can waltz into Westminster on a fat salary, either courtesy of the taxpayer, or courtesy of the mugs who continue to be members of the "Tory" party. Yet you wholeheartedly along with your vainglorious ex-colleagues still think that 3 councillors per ward should be the norm, when decent people in the council are losing their jobs hand over fist. I know too much to be uncomfortable for you and lots of others on these threads, and you are well aware of that. You and others are just using all this as nothing but a gravy train to embellish your own ends. You should all hang your heads in shame. You have besmirched the word "tory" and are a disgrace.