Sunday, July 25, 2010

Competition: Song for Sutton

This brilliant video based on Jay-Z's song 'Empire State of Mind' has been all over the news this weekend after attracting 1.2million viewers on YouTube. I especially liked the reference to the fact that Newport is twinned with Guangxi Province in China, (there's no province finer.)

With the dicy economic climate at the moment, we need to attract people and investment into Sutton and, quite frankly, we need a laugh. So, put your thinking caps on. Give us your best lyrics for the next big thing, 'Sutton State of Mind'.

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David Theobald said...

"Take me down to Sutton City, where the councils crap but the girls are pretty" Paradsise City, Guns and Roses would be cool

We Gotta get out of this place (The Animals) springs to mind.

Boom Boom Boom (B B King) Its the exact noice our Ford Fiesta makes when it traverses the myriad potholes liberally interspersed with speed bumps.

Happiness is a warm gun (Beatles) The way LBS and PCT treat my ASD boy and his peers, it is the only solution!