Monday, May 31, 2010

Time To Get Over The Election Loss.

It's been a few weeks since the General and Local Elections here in Sutton and I've had a bit of time away from blogging to lick my wounds, gather my thoughts and get a job having been unceremoniously dumped out of office. It's a hollow feeling, one minute making plans genuinely believing that we might take control of the Borough and wanting to be able to start work the day after and then another minute realising that not only did we get stuffed, I lost my own seat. There are plenty of others across the country in the same boat.

It's a shame in so many ways. There are many unsuccessful Conservative council candidates that would have made brilliant contributions to the future of this Borough that will not be able to. It is clear that there are a few reluctant councillors on the Liberal Democrat side who did not expect to get elected and are now going to have to step up to the plate. I hope, as a local resident who has to live with the consequences of their decisions that they do. I know that the Conservative group remaining on the Council will work well, but it won't be easy to provide a loud enough Opposition voice with 80% of the councillors belonging to one party. It is predicted that the Local Government budget will be cut by 20-25% over the next few years. Now is a bad time to let poor decision-making go unchecked.

I have really enjoyed serving as a councillor and working as Leader of the Opposition. Sutton is fortunate to have some great council officers who keep things on track despite the politicians. I'll miss working with them and the many friends that I have made from both sides of the political divide. The kind words that I have received from all quarters mean a lot and soften the blow.

What next? I've started working with a newly-elected MP. It means a long commute until his Westminster office is sorted. I've done it before so it is largely familiar territory apart from the new terrible expenses regime. Which brings me to my last point for this post, what to do with this blog? Posting might be light for the next few weeks whilst I am travelling, but I daresay there will be plenty of Sutton news to talk about and the wider political scene. It'll morph into something soon. In the meantime, I'm still twittering away. It's easier and more immediate. Either way, I expect to be around in some shape or form, working for a better Sutton.


John M Ward said...

This is genuinely sad news!

I've been (predictably) so tied up with the General Election and its aftermath that I hadn't even realised.

There will of course be another time, three or four years from now (depending on the length of Sutton's terms) and the work toward that starts now, as you know.

Okay, we'll give you a couple more weeks, and *then* it starts(!)

I haven't stopped working for my local residents in the two years I've been off the Council here, and it has all helped keep public (i.e. voters') opinion well on-side.

David Pickles said...

Amazing how failed councillors manage to get employment one way or the other with so-called "Tory" MP's. Talk about look after each other and hook up on the gravy train at any opportunity. Even failed candidates on the "Tory" side who fully expected to win managed to oil their way into parliament one way or the other. Things don't change. Only people do.

Unknown said...


Hardly gravy train now. I've got the experience of getting organised in a new Parliament and still just about willing to do the job.

Herr Mack said...

It's amazing how all these failed "UKIP" candidates are usually alcoholics, unemployed or unemployable.

Suggest you oil your way down to the Job Centre.

People don't change. Only the price tags on cheap plonk do.

David B, CB said...

Steady on, Herr Mack... a bit uncalled for!

David Pickles said...

......Herr Mack? Gutless. Like to reveal yourself Mack - meet me for a pint? Bet you don't. Cretin.