Thursday, August 07, 2008

New Deadline for Top Blog Vote

Iain Dale reports that he is having to bring the deadline forward for voting in the blogging awards to this Friday. I've covered how to vote and what it is all about here.

If you're feeling generous and would like to help me reach even loftier heights than 155th, please send your top 10 blogs (preferably with me in it) to

Apologies for the lack of posts. My hard drive has died and it is taking sometime to get my data back. More soon.


Anonymous said...

Paul, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this:

It seems, in my personal opinion, that Sutton is being written off by the Lib Dems nationally. Perhaps the ineptitude of the local Council has led them to believe retaining these seats is very difficult. Is Clegg abandoning Burstow and Brake? If so, is it not absolutely astonishing and hypocritical that the Lib Dems only care about these seats when they are a sure thing. It says to me that the Lib Dems have taken us all for granted and are now not up to the fight.

Unknown said...


I have read the article. It may be the most sensible thing for the LibDems to do in order to ensure their long term survival. However, it is indicative about how they are perceived as a party with no real rooted principles that they can just up sticks and start competing in a totally different political battle than before.

Since the two main parties have competed for the centre ground, the LibDems have moved gradually to the left even though they have some "Orange Book" politicians at the top. Until they can define themselves more clearly and explain why people should vote for them rather than simply because they are not Labour or Conservatives they will continue to vacillate and get squeezed.

It is not altogether impossible that with a bit of nous and a serious change in organisational direction, they could overtake Labour. There again, that has been on the cards since David Steel and I'm not convinced that they have it in them to do what is necessary.

Anonymous said...


Exactly, I'm sorry to keep throwing links at you, but here is another that your readership should see:

I am astonished. This example is, quintessentially, Lib Dem. Ed Davey attacks David Cameron for using the word 'brutal' about Russia. Then Davey himself, calls them 'brutal bullies'. The taxpayer and local residents deserve better. Time for Brake, Burstow and Davey to pack their bags.

Unknown said...


I had just read the story a few minutes before seeing your post. It is another illustration of the main problem with the LibDems. The quote by Ed Davey appears to be a rushed comment for the sake of going on record as having said something without a real view on what to say and what position to take.