Saturday, December 01, 2007

Smash But No Grab

In another of those "You couldn't make it up" events, Sutton Council refused to move this car saying that it wasn't parked dangerously.

Cllr Tony Shields came across this car blocking the pavement near Devonshire Primary School when taking his son on Friday morning. He reported it immediately on his mobile phone. Later that afternoon when he saw that it was still there, he called again.

He was told that if it was still there in two weeks, it would be moved. When this was challenged by Tony, the response came, "how would you feel if your motor was towed away suddenly?"

Tony has challenged LibDem lead councillor Colin Hall over this saying, ""I thought it was outrageous enough that this crashed car was left for an entire working day - let alone two weeks! Primary school pupils had to walk around this wreck into the road, risking life and limb, in order to get to and from school.

"I demand this answer from Councillor Hall: how can this kind of base incompetence exist in a department under his watch? It is a fundamental duty of this Council. Failure to deliver is totally unacceptable."

Update (2nd December, 9.34pm): The Police stepped in and removed the vehicle after some pushing by Cllr Shields.


Anonymous said...

I passed this car at 3.30 yesterday with my wife, we didn't think much of it, thinking: oh yes this'll get taken away shortly. But now we know the truth.

Absolutely unbelievable incompetence. I hope Councillor Hall has a good answer to this.

Councillor David Theobald said...

Either parked by the referee at Selhurst Park yesterday or, if you believe the lead article in this weeks Guardian, all part of a plot to confuse us created by the German market, currently enhancing our town centre, that will culminate in an invasion of Kingston!

Anonymous said...

That car has knocked an entire concrete lamppost over for heaven's sake! The council jobsworth who made those comments should get the sack.