Thursday, November 01, 2007

Staring At The Bottom Of A Bottle

This morning we have woken up to the news that Councils are calling for more cash from the Government because of immigration, Heather McCartney has had an outpouring of emotion on every television channel to explain that she doesn't like her media coverage and, stop the press, the breaking news by the BBC that Gerry McCann has returned to work.

It could have been different. Today is the day that I should have been up at some unearthly hour to remind a few thousand people of the Conservative message. Early tomorrow morning, Ken Andrew and Philippa Stroud would have been able to add the initials MP after their name. Yes, today the day for the Election that never was. The clunking fist has become the ham fist in the last few weeks, resulting in the polls showing a clear Conservative lead that would seriously have threatened Labour's majority.

We will just have to wait for another couple of years, whilst Gordon's vision pans out signing up to the European Constitution Treaty, introducing watered down policies from the Tories and Liberals, failing to tackle immigration and performing a few more u-turns when under pressure such as the reversals on the proposed cash grab on the budgets of prudent schools and the whopping 80% increase in Capital Gains Tax for small businesses.

Perhaps Gordon Brown's biggest mistake was to annoy the Press. His controversial statement in Basra of troop reductions was made to just two broadcast journalists and his announcement that he was not calling an election was made to his "pet broadcaster" as described by Daisy McAndrew, Chief Political Correspondent at ITN. They smell blood and will continue to harry him for sometime to come.


Anonymous said...

Ken Andrew and Philippa Stroud would have been crowned MP's?

They couldn't even be bothered to represent their residents at the pro-referendum rally last week. That's how much the Tories care. Waffle from the sidelines, but when it comes to action - zilch.

Anonymous said...


And UKIP would have had a landslide majority, Nigel Farage would be in No. 10 and all you nasty wasty Tories shouldn't have been such mean weenies to David Pickles in the political playground.

Yeah yeah, heard it all before. Scully and his Tories are clearly trembling in their boots at the threat of the UKIP monolith.

Oh wait, reality check: none of that ain't ever going to happen.

It's pretty tragic really.

Anonymous said...

The real thing that emerges from the lack of an election and the Queen's speech is just what a lack of originality and choice old Broon has to offer! Same old, same old.

Sadly, the same is true locally. I remember when the Lib Dems first took control of Sutton. Things actually changed for the better. i remember vividly that flower beds in the parks started having (shock!) flowers planted in them in them; the streets started to look cleaner etc. Unfortunately, they have now been in power so long they have gone stale. The Old Cllrs from the '86 revolution are there only to protect their legacies and reputations as best they can. meanwhile, the new Lib Dem Cllrs are treated as cannon fodder although, to be fair, that's what they are. I just hope Mr Scully and his team can generate some fresh ideas for the borough's future, cos it's a sure fire thing the LDs won't do it!

Anonymous said...

Well, give me a fag packet and i'll write them down for you