Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Green Garden Waste Policy Doesn't Count For Some

A couple of weeks ago, an eagle-eyed resident from Clockhouse saw a truck emblazoned with the Sutton tree logo tipping cuttings onto an overgrown area near Corrigan Rec. He took a photo of the truck as it left and reported it at a residents' meeting attended by Cllr Tim Crowley. Further investigation showed that this wasn't the first time that this had happened and that the rubbish was being dumped over the borough boundary into Banstead & Reigate.

It is not acceptable that we are lectured on fly tipping when the Council takes a different line for its own actions. Although we were told that there was nothing to worry about, the waste was hurriedly cleared up by several employees and a couple of tractors on a Sunday, presumably at double pay. Whilst the political administration continue to attempt to 'contain' the issue, Council officers seem to taken action, holding their hands up and started an investigation to ensure it doesn't happen again.


Anonymous said...

Cllr Scully

I must say I am extremely disappointed that you mislead residents in this way - isnt Corrigan Rec owned by Sutton Council, regardless of which borough its in? therefore to state that its fly-tipping in Reigate and Borough and not being clear its actually Sutton Council land is really disingenous.

i know the council have said it was a mistake and obviously it shouldn't have happened but equally you should at least be clear on the facts and admit it is Sutton land.

Councillor Tim Crowley said...

Could i ask why it is disingenous to say that the land was in Banstead and Reigate when it was and still is?
It just shows how incompetent the operatives who did this really are.
The main points are that the borough did not know this had taken place.
I dont like being lectured to by this administration on fly tipping when they obviously have not got their own house in order.
On Friday 1st August it was reported that 3 oxyacetalyne bottles had been dumped up at Clockhouse in a public area near a number of houses.
We were told that it would be difficult to get them removed before Monday even though in the view of the residents they posed a risk.
Yet with the fly tipped garden waste they were able to mobilise 7 men a tractor and 2 pickup trucks to remove the offending material on a Sunday.
Who was being disingenuos there?

Scully said...

Corrigan Rec is owned by Sutton COuncil. However, Corrigan Rec finishes about 100 yards or so in the direction that I am facing on the video. No-one at the council has been able to confirm that the scrubland where the flytipping occurred was Sutton land.

Funnily enough it's not the only bit of Banstead where Sutton garden waste is ending up. Watch this space.

Michael said...

Councillor Scully, I actually think this is to your credit for bringing this practice into the public domain. Do we know why this happened and what will be done about it?

Councillor Crowley, what is you I heard on LBC radio talking about this? If it was, well done, the council's spokesperson was unable to answer the points to a satisfactory standard.

On the issue of fly-tipping I have noticed bags full of clipping dumped in and around my neighbourhood in Cheam.

scott nugent said...

I was gob smacked to see this on the front page of the Post the other day..ios this kind of stuff really going on in Sutton council?

somebody should get the sack!


Anonymous said...

More of Cllr Hall's legacy.
10 large black sacks of garden waste has been fly tipped in Lavender Road Sutton, back of Benhill Park. I wonder if this will cost the council £35 a bag to collect and dispose of.