Thursday, January 03, 2008

Our New Twin Town?

Salford Council has wasted £75,000 of a regeneration grant on this sculpture on a roundabout in Cadishead, near Manchester. Some say that "Marge and Steel" pays tribute to the town's industrial heritage and that it is an "inspired piece of work," others call it "a giant barbecue with lap dancers on the side."

Personally I think that it looks like two mating wigwams and so links nicely with our very own totem poles. Rather than inspiring warm memories of successful industry, it looks unfinished and shoddy, thus devaluing the efforts of the region's businessmen to keep some semblance of industry in the area.

The final kick in the teeth for Sutton residents is the thought that the poor settlement that our Council receives from the Government is to redistribute funds into areas just like this in the North.


michael in sutton said...

what a pile of crap that sculpture is!!

what the hell is it supposed to be!

total waste of money

how could the council do this!

right thats enough about the totem poles in st helier, look at salford!

David said...

Its either a reject from the Dr Who set designer or the worlds largest shuttlecock!

I live just off the St Helier Open space and, horror of horrors, I'm getting quite fond of our sculpture now! When I pass it on my way to Rose Hill it tells me my phone wont work as im getting near the pylons! Probably not the best reason!