Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Best Care: Our Quality of Life Policy Group

Continuing this series of introductions, I've turned to our group that will look at healthcare and social services in Sutton. The future of healthcare in the Borough is arguably the biggest political issue at the moment. Despite recent announcements from the PCT, we can be no more confident that we will have suitable facilities in St Helier in the coming years.

This 75 year old building is well past its useful date but is still seeing more facilities being jammed in as other hospitals shrink.The Royal Marsden is internationally renowned and wishes to expand, yet it is hesitant until the future of the Sutton Hospital site is known.

Our social services have been found wanting for a number of years. However, Dr Adi Cooper and her team of officers have brought in a welcome injection of new thought and enthusiasm, something we will be keen to continue to develop. The old idiom states that it is a measure of a civilised society, how they treat their elderly and infirm. We need to ensure that we have the skills to hand to offer the services that are required.

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David said...

As Councillor for St Helier, it is vital in the extreme for the whole estate (The largest in W.Europe I am told) that St H is sustained. I suggest a "real" refurbishment (Not just a coat of paint and a few curtains, a 20 year modernisation carried out in stages/phases. The economic and employment aspects for the ward of the great edifice cant be ignored and no one considers the psychological fall out for the area if it is deemed that St H should be "downgraded" or, perish the thought, closed. It is vital in the true meaning of the word for the whole of the North of our borough.