Sunday, March 29, 2009

LibDems Greatest Hits from 2008

I came across this video during an idle moment and thought it was worth revisiting as a reminder of another example of the remoteness of the present council administration. It is a clip of the local ITV news from last autumn discussing the changes to school transport for children with Special Educational Needs. In case you weren't following the story, the change went through, rubberstamped by the LibDem backbenchers at a full meeting of the Council. Autistic children were exempted from the change after some passionate campaigning from affected residents.

The changes are being introduced anytime now. I'm still not convinced that the expected savings will materialise. In the meantime, children and their parents are being put through massive upheaval to their already difficult lives. Rather than fronting up about the fact that this is a cost-cutting exercise, the Lead Councillor claims that the move is greener and will give the children exercise.


Cllr David Pickles said...

This is completely off topic to the current post, although I wouldn't have expected the breaking news tonight to be featured on this blog. The decision to expel Stuart Wheeler, a previous FIVE MILLION POUND donor to the "TORY" cause, because he has given ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS to UKIP is an absolute disgrace, and only confirms my previous opinion of how undemocratic and vicious the Tories can be when cornered.

Any comments there Paul?

Cllr David Theobald said...

The SEN transport cuts are, were and will be a millstone around the neck of and a blatant, glaring error that will not be forgotten quickly. I was quite active on this issue and still find it difficult to comprehend how any person, let alone party, could even consider such a crap, evil policy.

Unknown said...

David P.

Welcome back. The charge of being undemocratic is a bit odd. A Conservative Party member has given money to another political party and encouraged people to vote for that party. He has no business staying as a member and it states as much in the Party rules that Stuart Wheeler agreed to. I can't see that you would think it acceptable if a local Conservative encouraged people to vote LibDem for one of the elections locally and nothing happened. It's only because UKIP is a two-issue party that they have a different approach.

Cllr David Pickles said...

Paul - I think your answer is so political that next time I see you in All Bar One, I'll let you buy me a beer!