Saturday, May 17, 2008

Class War Desperation In Crewe

Earlier this year we saw the LibDems fight a by-election in Cheam with a negative campaign and no positive policies despite having controlled the Borough for 22 years. Something similar is happening in Crewe & Nantwich where the Conservatives are hoping for their first by-election victory in a Labour-held seat since Mitcham & Morden in 1982. The News of the World is publishing a poll tomorrow which shows the Tories in a 8% lead.

Government Ministers have all been up to Crewe with one notable exception, Gordon Brown. The Labour candidate has repeatedly refused to say whether she sees the PM as an asset or liability to her campaign. Labour activists are hiding their leaflets from reporters. The newsletters concentrate on asking whether Edward Timpson is posh or not, belying Gordon Brown's repeated claims that he is just getting on with the job in leading a successful Government. It's all getting a little embarrassing now.

Edward Timpson does live in an expensive house. His father built up the successful Timpson chain of shoe repairers. Crewe is in Cheshire, home to the WAG. Timpson's place is not Beckingham Palace. He was brought up along with 80 foster children that his parents looked after at various points in their lives. Timpson was brought up around the area.

Tamsin Dunwoody has dropped the second half of her double barreled name 'Dunwoody-Kneafsey' in order to maximise name recognition in trying to win her late mother's seat. Her grandmother had a seat in the House of Lords and her grandfather was a Party grandee. So much for abolishing hereditary succession. She also lives in a rather large house, except hers is 125 miles away in South Wales. The desperate regression to class warfare was capped when that great prole Quentin Davies rolled into town. I can't imagine having a Quentin and a Tamsin on my doorstep explaining how simply awful it would be to have toffs in charge. It would be funny if Gordon wasn't still clinging on by his fingertips at all of our expense.


Anonymous said...

Used to have quite a few relatives around Crewe (Used to be the Railway Town) including a really cool uncle! As I recall, Nantwich was a bit posher than alot of places!

Polls out today will not cheer Gordon up much, hate to think of the great man worrying!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is the picture a rare one of Angela Rumbold by any chance?

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh today. There on the politics show was that "lady of the people" Harriet Harman. Not only was she embarrassed by Labour's campaign "Do you want a Tory toff con-man" or Tamsin Dunwoody (how patronising), but she was revealed as being the daughter of a countess!

So much for Labour sticking up for the man in the street. They have about as much credibility as Robert Mugabe. IF the Tories pull it off, I for one will raise a glass (or three!).

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Labour have adopted the Lib Dem strategy of anything to win, which sadly pays off sometimes (nearly in Bromley). It is this kind of horrible politics that really turns people off.

I hope the Conservatives win obviously, but I'm particularly glad that we are leaving negative campaigning where it belongs, as a tactic of the other parties.

By the way, I see the Lib Dems have launched their traditional nasty tactics. Apparently the Conservative candidate Edward Timpson ran the New York marathon for a local charity. The Lib Dems have highlighted this as evidence he is not 'local' enough. They are complete idiots!

Anonymous said...

Class war stereotypes turn me off politics. Outdated cliches like Tory Toffs and Labour Miners just don't bare out any more in reality.

But one stereotype does seem to stand the test of time though: The Holier Than Thou Champagne Socialist; this political animal currently resides in the inviting environment of the Liberal Democrats' Party. Bossy diktat, high tax high spend, liberal social authoritarianism, a strict adherence to politically correct doctrines, Nanny Statism, rapid EU fanaticism and a poorly hidden disdain for British history are their hallmarks.

Beware this political monster...and it's 'progressive' politics.

Anonymous said...

I cant imagine much turning you off politics Lord Palpatine!