Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Save Our Seats

This table appeared on Electoral Calculus yesterday. This is a website that averages out recent polls to make a prediction on how many seats would be won at a General Election.

Maybe it was the dismal news for the LibDems that led to this
call for reinforcements?

Surely, I'm allowed a political free hit every now and again?


Anonymous said...

Pathetic - the 3 "b's" - Brake, Burstow and Brennan desperately scrabbling around to think of something to do.

Burstow couldn't even save any post offices - what chance a major hospital?

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Anonymous said...

Are you sure its not a show of support for the dyslexic branch of the Office of Strategic Services?

Anonymous said...

Judging by the stern looks these liberal lefties are deadly serious when it comes to saving their salaries.

Shame they can't transpose that dedication to representing the borough of Sutton.

Anonymous said...

The latest news about the future for St Helier's Hospital is grim indeed:

"The number of in-patient hospital beds in Sutton and Epsom could drop from more than 800 to about 200 under the latest health plans. In a new twist after the announcement that there will be no new hospital at Epsom, the director of the Better Healthcare Closer to Home policy, Mark Easton, has resigned. A spokesman said Mr Easton has left for a new job. It has become clear that even a downsized St Helier Hospital is unaffordable unless it undergoes yet another redesign."

Sadly, this accords with my worst forebodings. I'm not surprised as I thought the self-congratulations being awarded in places for saving St Helier were entirely premature.

What serious prospect is there of a hospital with only 200 beds being able to cover for the general range of services presently provided at St Helier, including A&E with trauma surgery, an intensive care unit, a Maternity Unit, a Stroke Unit, a Renal Unit, and a Diabetics Clinic?

The really worrying issue now is whether the severly shrunken hospital in prospect will be able to retain the services of able medical staff with career ambitions.

Anonymous said...

Yes, well if this stupid country left the EU altogether, then there would be more than sufficient money available to not only save St.Helier but to build a new one as required. And that's a fact.

Of course I wouldn't expect either the Tories, Lib-Dems or Labour to actually realise that, as they all have their own agendas to adhere to.