Monday, October 15, 2007

BBC Should Have Gone To Specsavers

In the week that Political Correctness came to Sutton, the BBC showed that they still had what it takes. The newspapers have been covering the story of the sacking of Peter Fincham, the BBC Executive who has been made scapegoat for the dodgy editing of the documentary about the Queen. Speculation suggestst that he has taken the rap for the most senior woman at the BBC, Jana Bennett, Director of Vision.

Why has no-one asked the obvious question which is what on earth is a Director of Vision? Since the BBC is still largely a television company, I would have thought the vision thing would have been a given. Oh well, someone ask the monkey.


Anonymous said...

Mark Thompson, Director-General of the BBC, walks into a pub with a monkey on his shoulder.

The barman asks: "Where'd you get him from?"

"I won him in a raffle," said the monkey.

Anonymous said...

Director of Vision????

Sounds like a character from Star Trek, Metropolis or something.

Is it true that Mark Thompson is now known as Urko as he is in charge of a bunch of apes?

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown is looking for some vision at the moment. If Jana Bennett gets the sack too, maybe she can become the PM's Director of Vision?

Anonymous said...

Mr Brown has now lived up to the initial low estimations of his premiership, pre-bounce.

He's got all the spin of his predecessor but none of the style. His lumbering performance in PMQs yesterday is a case in point, I thought it was very similar to his first Commons performance as PM when he said he'd "only been in the job five days". We all knew that was tosh as he'd been in the job for 10 years!

Cameron should have pressed him a lot harder on the EU constitution issue yesterday instead favouring the NHS. That didn't have quite the same impact.

Then again it's important to remember that a bit of House of Commons chest thumping isn't all that's required to win an election.

As for the BBC, Councillor Scully I have given up on their quality long ago. They're a mere extension of the Labour party's press department at worst and the state liberal-left esteemed organ the next.

Heavy reform is needed in BBC Governance coupled with a serious re-evaluation of the role of the license fee.

I would like to know as a license payer how much this inspirational ?Director of Vision gets paid. I wager £70,000+.