Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Eurosceptic Barroso?

Jose Manuel Barroso addressed the LibDem conference in Brighton this week. His English is excellent, though I did have to listen again when he concluded by saying that "The more the UK lead the debate, the more they will get out of Europe."

Isn't that what the Better Off Out campaign have been saying for a while now!


Anonymous said...

Amaze Barroso. Vote already about the EU at

Vote Yes or No to Free Europe Constitution!

nadia said...

I am unsure what real benefit Britain gets from being in the European union, so I would vote against the treaty which is the constitution by different name & I would also seriously consider the Uk leaving entirely.

stuart courtney said...

Isn't this the same Jose Manuel Barroso who recently desribed the European Union as an Empire?

Trust him to address the Liberal Democrat Party members, who are well known for their foaming-at-the-mouth EU fanaticism.

The only thing that surprises me is that they didn't crown him EU Emperor there and then.

I suggest all people who are serious about the future of Britain sign this:

Edmund said...

I suggest all people who are serious about the future of Britain within the EU join and vote for UKIP. It's the only party with the honesty to expose the expensive sham that it is. Wasn't it Grocer Heath that so willingly took us in?

No wonder the Tories are miles behind in the polls.

Scully said...

Edmund, in your usual myopic way, you make some fundamental mistakes:-
1. The reason that the polss keep changing is because they reflect what people are thinking now not making a judgement of policies 34 years ago.
2. UKIP are somewhat further back in the polls that the Tories and even the LibDems. The fact that there are only 12 people out of the 150,000 residents in the Borough that are prepared to join UKIP suggests that they won't be in a position to change national policy anytime soon.

I am not prepared to continue shouting from the sidelines whilst allowing the LibDems to continue in power and the Labour government to break its manifesto commitment and refuse to hold a referendum. You can continue this internecine warfare in your usual Harry Enfield "Oi, Heath no!" style or try to really affect change for the residents of Sutton and the UK as a whole.

scotty said...

Anyone who thinks voting for the UKIP in elections of any kind/level will effect the power hungry bureaocrats in Brussels is off their rocker.

lets face Facts here. UKIP isnt going to sweep into number ten. politics in the UK just doesnt work that way. so voting for UKIP just plays into the hands of pro European Labour and the Liberals.

you kip if you want to said...

You gotta love it when UKIP stooges wax lyrical about their little band being the party of "guts" & "honesty".

What an honest political party.

The same political party that narrowly avoided being bankrupted for financial irregularities. The same party that had 12 MEP s elected in 2004 but now has 9 because one left and 2 have been suspended from the partyy because they are fraudsters. I refer to imprisoned Ashley Mote (who now sits with fascists in the European parliament) and Tom Wise. The first for defrauding housing benefit! Second for embezzling Euro-parliamentary allowances!

Yeah, straight as a dye.Last defence against EU federalism? Hardly, can't even defend themselves from themselves. lol ;)

Fester said...

You kip if you want to. What a joke! Ashley Mote was immediately thrown out of UKIP when it became clear he had committed a criminal offence - so you are wrong chum.

I see Scully also refers to the "Better off out" campaign which Cameron has blocked both Ken Andrews and Philippa Stroud from signing up to.

So much for Tory honesty!

Walter Wallcarpets said...

I'm new to this blog, but can see that UKIP supporters have got Scully and his chums rather frightened, although he would deny it. A very interesting debate indeed on Europe on another thread. Keep it up Scully - at least you give us food for thought even though you are misguided.